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Yuletide Tryst at Rhos-on-Sea.

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Christmas Tree"and Sale of Work .a_ at Colwyn. On Monday afternoon a successful sale of work and Christmas Tree was held in the schoolroom of Hebron C.M. Chapel, Colwyn. Mr. Thomas Jones, Chester House, Col- wyn Bay, presided, and he was supported by the pastor, the Rev. Lewis Willliams, Penllyn, the Rev. G. B. File, and others. The Rev. Lewis Williams said that the Calvinistic Methodist Church in Colwyn would celebrate its fifty years jubilee in March next. The members of the old chapel about sax years ago had Hebron built for ^■4,000, and ac effort had been made to re- duce jthe debt some time ago, when the amount was brought down to £ 3,000. They, the Methodists, could claim as a body, witn others, represented the best spiritual life of North Wales. In South Wales it was different. They were not a political body, but were serving the spiritual needs of North Wales, and took a moderate position on theology as in other matters. Thet chair- man, Mr. T, Jones, and Mrs. Berth Jones, who was going to open the sale, were strong forces in Methodism. Mrs. Jones re- presented the new woman and the old woman. The latter was dignified and re- fined, whilst the former had pluck and courage. Laughter.) The chairman said they in Hebron had been (kind to them at Bethlehem, and it gave him pleasure to be present to support the good cause. Mrs. Berth Jones, who was heartily re- ceived, said it 6ave her pleasure to give a helping hand to the sisters of Hebron, and it afforded her great pleasure to declare the sale open. (Applause.) A vote of thanks was passed to the chair- man and Mrs. Jones, upon the proposal of Mr. T. Treleaven Jones, seconded by Mr. Wm. Hughes, Llys Cynwal. 0 That popular and gifted young lady, Miss Edith Shield, having artistically sung Dr. Cowen's Tears accompanied by Miss Maudie Williams, the sale was proceeded with. The schoolroom had been tastefully ar- ranged, and was well ret off with a large Christmas tree in the centre. The folllowing were the stallholders — Fancy Stall No. i :-President, Mrs. Davies, Fein Dale; treasurer, Mrs. Ro- berts, Llys Iorwerth; secretary, Mrs. Wynne, Victoria House; Mrs. Paton, Ivy Dale; Miss Lloyd, Plas y Coed; Miss Hughes, Reg)1t House; Miss Watkins. Fancy Stall No. 2:—President, Mrs. Parry, Gnmsby House; treasurer, Mrs. J. Lewis Jones, Gwenallt; secretary, Mrs. Moss, Post Office; Miss Hattie Hughes; Miss Griffith, Victoria House; Mrs Griffiths, Wood View; and Mrs. Roberts, Grindon Villa. General Stall:—Mr. William Hughes in charge. Refreshment Stall:—President, Mrs. Jones, Liverpool House; treasurer, Mrs. Parry Jones, Arfon House; secretary, Mrs. W. H. Jones, Regent House; Mrs. Jones, Henblas; Mrs. Jones, Ocean View; Mrs. Williams, Hendrewaelod; Mrs. Williams, Llys Cernyw; Mrs. Hughes, Llys Cynwal; Miss Lewis; Miss Roberts, Pentreuchaf; Miss Morris Miss Roberts, 'Arfon House Mrs. Parry, Glan Aber; Mrs. Evans, Wel- lington-road; and Mrs. Davies, Cernyw. terrace. Christmas Tree:—President, Miss Ro. berts, Coluncil School; treasurer, Miss Davies, Fern Dak; secretary, Miss Maudie Willilams, Glasfor. The Chairman of the Committee was the Rev. Lewis Williams; Vice-Chairman, Mr. T. Treleaven Jones; treasuier, Mr. R. M. Wynn, and Mr. W. S. Moss, secretary Teas and suppers were provided, and a miscellaneous entertainment was given in the evening by Miss E. M. Shield, Miss Gertrude Hoskins, Miss Winnie Jones, Mr. J. O. Davies, Mr. D. Llew Jones, Mr. W. O. Griffiths, Mr. Evan Jones, Biynhyfryd; Mr. Wm. Jones, Gwynfa, and Mr. Gwilym Jones.