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Yuletide Tryst at Rhos-on-Sea.


Yuletide Tryst at Rhos-on-Sea. The anuual Yuletide Tryst, promoted by the Vicar and Mrs. Evans, took place at Rhos-on-Sea, on Thursday afternoon, and was the usual success. A fine Austrian pine tree adorned the centre of the room and was, as has been his custom for some years, the gift of Mr. Robert Barlow, Ayrshire Cottage. Much regret was expressed at the ab- sence of the Vicar, the Rev. E. James- Evans, through indisposition. The opening ceremony was performed by Mrs. Jones-Mortimer, of Bryn Eisteddfod, Glan Conway, who was accompanied by her husband, Mr. C. B. Jones-Mortimer, J.P. Mr. J. H. Glover, of Rhos Preparatory College, presided, and said:To use a time worn expression, this afternoon's per- formance savours very much of the play of Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark, and the understudy is, I am afraid, rather below the average of understudies generally. We all of us regret, no one more than my- self, the Vicar's absence; it is the Doctor's stem decree, which keeps him away, and I am sure I shall only be expressing what you all feeL if I offer our sympathy both tc him and Mrs. Evans in his unfortunate ill- ness, and wish him a speedy recovery. (Applause.) The task that has been thrust upon me this afternoon is really a very pleasant one, and perhaps somewhat super- fluous, since I have to introduce to you Mrs. Jones-Mortimer, who needs no intro- duction to the peole of Rhos. Mrs. Jones- Mortimer's kindness in coming amongst us to-day will conduce in no small measure to the success and happiness of our Yule Tide Tryst. (Applause.) I am sure you will join with me in giving her a very hearty welcome. (Applause.) There is one thing which the Vicar would wish me to do be- fore I ask Mrs. Jones-Mortimer to declare the sale open, and that is to thank the stall-holders, the contributors and all the workers. You have the evidence of their efforts around you, and you can best shew your appreciation by buying freely of the pretty and useful articles provided. The most cheering news which Mrs. Evans can carry back to our Vicar this evening is the news that in spite of his absence our gathering has been no less successful than in former years. I have much pleasure in asking Mrs. Jones-Mortimer to declare the sale open. (Applause.) Mrs. Jones-Mortimer, who was cordially received, made a graceful little speech, ex- pressive of the pleasure it gave her to be present and to wish the event every success. She hoped everything upon the stalls would be sold ere the day closed. (Applause.) She had pleasure in declaring the sale open. (Applause.) Mr. Spencer proposed, and Mr. Barlow seconded, a vote of thanks to Mrs. Jones- Mortimer, which was carried. The following were in charge — Christmas Tree: Mr. and Mrs. R. Barlow. Fancy Stall: Mrs. E. James-Evans, Miss Shaw and Miss Everard. Thimble League Stall: Miss Jackson, Miss Potter and Mrs. Walker. Sweet and Cake Stall: The Misses Clint. Roulette: Nurse Cyhent, Mrs. and Miss Fletcher Robinson. Fancy Stall: Miss Chambres and Miss Herd, Miss Evans and Miss Fletcher Rus- sell. Refreshments: Mrs. Tozer, Mrs. Berts, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Shingler, assisted by the Misses Wooding Meadows, Nellie Roberts, Ward, Effie Tozer and Gladys Tozer. During the afternoon, a dialogue, Our at Home Day," was given by Miss Ghent, Miss Nellie Roberts and Miss G. Bywater, which caused much merriment. In the evening a musical programme was rendered by Master Fitzbrown, Miss G. Slater, Mr. Llewelyn Davies and Mr. Kenworthy. The dialogue was repeated. Mr. T. Griffiths, Llanerch-road; Mrs. Spencer, and Mr. Barlow acted as stewards.

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