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IChancellor's ISplendid Triumph.


Love's Farewell.


Abergele Sparks.

At the Sign of " The Maypole."


At the Sign of The Maypole." The bright display outside, and the superb quality and value sold within make The Maypole" as attractive as ever to the lady of the house on shopping bent,whois rightly deter- mined to get the very best money's-worth for her tea and breakfast tables. In addition to their best British-made Over- weight Maypole Margarine now reduced in price from 1/- to iod,, the Company have in- troduced a "Mayco" brand of Margarine made from choicest Nuts and Milk, and priced at gd., a half-pound extra being given, gratis with each pound sold, or two pounds net being retailed for a shilling. The Maypole dispatch fresh supplies of their famous British-made Margarines direct twice every wpek from the Works, which are un- doubtedly the finest in England, to their numerous Branches in all the largest cities and towns of Great Britain. Their Butter, too, still the very best as it was when it made their reputation, is also sent direct from the Dairies to their Branches. Soon after the Company paid their Record Duty Cheque of 4111,848 7s. id. to the Government, they were the first to bring down the price of best Tea to 1/4. No wonder therefore, that the very best Maypole Tea, retailed by the Company as it is everywhere at 1/4 is now in universal demand. It is, indeed, marvellous money's-worth al' The Maypole have opened upwards of fifty more new Branches during the present year, and they have now over 660 shops open throughout the Kingdom, a larger number, we believe, than any other multiple Sbep Company possesses. It is no mere boast on their part that the Maypole now claim to be the largest retailers of choicest quality Butter, Tea and Margarine in the United Kingdom, and indeed, in the world, and they attribute their unique success simply to the fact that they have always sup- plied the very best value direct to the public at the smallest possible margin of profit, thus saving the public all middlemen's profits. — h- t

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