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IChancellor's ISplendid Triumph.


Love's Farewell.


Abergele Sparks.


Abergele Sparks. Scene Market-street, Abergele. Radical working man: We are winning this election fight all a.long the line. Hurrah! Tory working man If the Liberals are re- turned to power again we shall have a civilized war very soon, mark my words. < < Gan mai Mon ydyw mam Cymru, gresyn na bai Caerdydd a Bwrdeisdrefi Sir Ddin- bych yn sugno eu llaetii politicaidd o'i dwy- fion iach, onide? Anhawdd ofnadwy ydyw lladd snobyddiaeth," yn enwedig pan fo'r aflwydd wedi cael gafael yng nghyfansodd- iad Cymro sydd yn rhoi mwy o bwys ar ei waseidd-dra i'r 3ais Toriaidd nac a wna i'w genedl, ac yn ami iawn i'w grefydd. 'Does dim ffasiwn beth a "genuine working-man Tory yn bod tu yma 1 wallgofrwydd ebar- gofLant. Fire—and Bravery. A bolting man- mounted flesh and bones horse is dangerous enough, to f\.li innocent community if the animal is of a fiery disposition, but a linen-mounted clothes-horse on fire is a hundred per cent. more so. And that brings me slap-bang to my stoiy of what happened at Manchester House on Thurs- day morning. The facts are simply and briefly these, as MT. Crabbe would say. The hereinbefore mentioned Thursday morning was on a par with the vile weather we have been blessed with lately—rainy and miser- ably damp. Hence, the open-air treatment was out of the question for clothes-drying purposes at least that was the conclusion the good people of Mane hitter House came to. And acting on the principle of any port in a storm," they did the best thing under the conditions prevailing. That is to say, they brought into requisition before a blazing file the ever-faithful domestic clothes-horse, on which was mounted a por- tion of the family wash. And the result was disastrous-to the aforesaid family wash, which became ignited. The first person to notice the blaze and to give the alarm was "iiss Gabriel-a real ministering angel in this case. In response to her cries for help Police Constable Manuel Davies, Messrs. John Jones, Ship Cafe Thos. Jones., Rose Cottage; Edward Ellis, Berthtopic; W. E. Jones, Crown Fish Stores, and Samuel Davies, builder, rushed with commendable promptitude and death-daring pluck on to the scene of conflagration. Seeing there was no hope of saving the mass of flaming frills and fringed frocks, the volunteers, being men of brawny arms and muscles of steel, managed, by superhuman exertion, to bring the roaring inferno to a state of sub- jection by pushing the whole bag of tricks up the chimney. Will the gentlemen named therefore kindly step on to an imaginary platform while I pin on their manly chests the much-coveted Victoria Cross. I feel I have grown to the extent of about ten inches since Thursday night, when, on the platform of a Liberal meeting held in the Capel Iawr, Denbigh, I had the honour of shaking hands with Mr. Lloyd George for the first time. I am not a worshipper of men by a very long chalk, but I am not ashamed to admit that the Chancellor of the Exchequer his complertly won my heart —captivated me body and soul. Call me an exaggerating fool if you like, but I cannot help believing that Lloyd George is head and shoulders the greatest man Wales has ever produced, from Llewelyn, ein Llyw Olaf," down to Mr. Austin Lloyd Jones, who had the pluck (or the cheek?) to try and capture Carnarvon Boroughs for the enemy. SEARCHLIGHT.

At the Sign of " The Maypole."

The Finance of Education.…

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