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Our Library Table. LIBERAL CLUB LIBRARIES. All around us there is evidence that the position in which Liberalism stands to-day has been achieved as the result, not of shouting at public meetings, but of careful reading and thinking before the day of battle. Party enthusiasm is all very well in its way but at its value must largely depend upon the amount of study which has given rise to that enthusiasm. Recognising what Literature has done for the cause in the past and present, and that the future of Liberalism must depend to a very great extent upon the same good influ- ence, some of our leaders are eager to build up a library of useful works in each Liberal Club. The idea is an excellent one, and should be encouraged. Very naturally the question of expense raises its head when such a suggestion is made, but after all is said and done the expense need cause no alarm. No Com- mittee or individual member need hesitate to launch out a modest penny for a standard work by an acknowledged authority on this and that aspect of one of the great problems of the day. It is difficult to believe, but it is quite true, that for a penny each the Cobden Club publishes (through Cassell) authorative works dealing, for example, with the. various aspects of Tariff Reform. We have four of these penny booklets before us, and can testify to their high standard. They bear vhe following titles:- The Effort of Tariffs on Unemploy- ment." Pp. -5. By an Economist. The Revolt of Protectionists in Germany against their own Tariff." Pp. 24. An Empire Aspect oi Preference." Pp. 30. By Senator Pulsford, of Australia. Political Economy and Fiscal Policy." Pp. 29 By Professor Brentone. "The Fiscal Policy of International Ii ade." Being a summary of the Memor- andum by Professor Alfred Marchall, pub- lished as a Parliamentary Paper in 1908." P.p 36. By J. M. Robertson, M.P. Although written in a popular style, every word in these books is carefully weighed, and each book is a standard work in its way. The General Election, it is true, has given a reeling blow to the Protectionist movement, but it is important to be pre- pared for its revival next year when the Colonial Conference will be held. In anti- cipation of that important event it is essen- tial that the intelligent citizen should read books of the kind mentioned, notably that on the Empire Aspect of Preference." It will be seen from the foregoing that the getting up of a useful and reliable library for each Liberal Club is not such a formid- able undertaking as at first sight might appear. Cropping Allotments," by John Wright, V.M.H., F.R.ILS., London: Agricultural and Horticultural Association. Price one penny. Th!s 1 seful little book by the well-known veteran horticulturist, Mr. John Wright, is No. 28 of the One and All popular practical garden handbooks edited by Ed- ward Owen Greening. Like previous issues of the series, it is veiy fully illustrated. The author gives detailed plans for crop- ping to the best advantage garden allot- ments, of various sizes from a single rod plot, as alloted in school gardens, to 10 rod allotments and upwards. The principles and practice oi rotational cropping are ex- plained, and how to intercrop tall growing vegetables with dwarf kinds. Seed sowing, thinning of seedlings, transplanting, and general culture are all dealt with. Chap- ters are added on fruits for allotments and the planting of fruit trees. It would be difficult to condense in a booklet of small size a larger amount of sound information for the amateur cultivator.


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