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8rC: PERSONAL AND SOCIAL. The Duchess of Westminster has gone from Grosvenor House to Leicester for a few days hunting. The H. E. R. Llo-d, cuate of Carnar- von, and son of the Vicar of Aberdaron, has been appointed assistant chaplain to H.M. Prison, Wakefield. < Lord Carrington, on Thursday night, after speaking at Spalding, was on his way to address another meeting, when he be- came indisposed and had to return to Spalding. His lordship was reported to be better on Friday morning. Miss Megan Lloyd George, the little daughter of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who was to have opened a charity sale at poplar on Monday, wrote from Carnarvon regretting that she was unable to fulfil the engagement. She enclosed a cheque for one guinea for the charity. < Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd George, who were the guests on Monday night of Mr. David Davies, M.P., at Plasdinam, Montgomery- shire, proceeded on Tuesday to London. On Sundsy Mx. Lloyd George attended I IJivine service at Berea Bwptast Criccieth, and was accompanied by Mr. Herbert Lewis, M.P., Sir Francis Edwards, M.P., and Mr. Ellis Davies, M.P. The preacher was Mr. Richard Lloyd, the Chan- cellor's uncle, who has been an unpaid pastor of Berea for fifty-two years. Mr. J. H. Lile, an old and esteemed mem- ber of the City Corporation, London, has been lying ill at his home in Russell-square for some time. He was greatly surprised a few days ago to have a visit from Mr. Lloyd George. The Chancellor had heard 5* Lile's illness, and in spite of the T^^nds on his time during (the election, ound an opportunity to call upon Mr. and offer his sympaithy. The Chancel- lor told Mr. Lile that he had been very kind to him when he came to London 20 years ago-a circumstance which Mr. Lile had entirely forgotten. The invalid was y I very much touched with this proof of the Chancellor's sympathy at a time of such pressure.

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