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Colwyn Bay Football Club.

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I Twm o'r Nant.

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The Fred W. Jones' Testimonial. The following is a list of ubs,-ribers:- Ni r. T. O. Morgan, Conway, 5s. Vigil- ant, 2s. 6d. Mr. A. A. Kerridge, 2,5. 6d. NI r. Alex. Hughes, Bangor, 2S. 6d. Vedette," 25. 6d. Mr. David Roberts, Llandudno Junction, 6d. Mr. R. E. Brier- cliffe, Beaumaris, 2s. 6d. Mr. J. H. Vin- cent, Avondale, Llandudno, 5s. Mr. R. E. Davies, is. Mr. R. Travers, 2s. 6d. Mr. Isaac Marsh, is. Mr. R. G. Hill, Harring- ton Hotel, Llandudno, 2S. 6d. Mr. Harold Hayden, 2S. 6d. Mr. J. B. Jones, 2s. Mr. C. Felix, St. Tudno Hotel, 2s. 6d. Mr. Tom Hewitt, is. Mr. Arthur Thorp, is. Mr. H. Crockatt, is. W. W., is. J. H. S.. is. Mr. J. Roger Dawson, 2S. 6d. J.W.P., is. Mr. R. Greenfield, 2s. 6d. Mr. W. Owen, Llandudno, 2s. 6d. Mr. R. J. Hughes, Llandudno, 2S. 6d. Mr. A. J. Davies, Llandudno, 2s. 6d. Mr. J. H. Brookes, is. Mr. David Owen, is. id. Mr. R. Hersee, 2s. C. W is. t'ncle Lloyd, Conway, 2s. 6d. Mr. 1. Ll. Parry, is. For Auld Lang Syne," is. P. B., is. T. J. P., is. Friend, Conway, 6d. Mr. Tommy Wellings, Colwyn Bav. 2s. Mr. T. E. Purdy, 2s. 6d. L. and X.-V\. Railway, is. Joe Bangor," is. 6d. Mr. E. R. Davies, is. Mr. W. E. Price (" Gwilym ,:), is. Friend, 6d. Mr. J. T. Roberts, Chairman, Llandudno Amateurs, 2s. 6d. Mr. H. J. Williams, Secretary, Llandudno Amateurs, is. Mr. R. Morris, Blaenau Festiniog, is. Mr. L. M. Ander- son, Bangor, 2S.: Johnny Bach, Bangor, is. Mr. R. Hughes, Marlboro' Arms, Ban- gor, is. Mr. Morgan (Lloyd's Bank, Ban- gor), 2s. Od. Mr. John Hannabv, 3d.; Mr. R. Roberts, Conway, is. Mr. J. G. Jones (Sergeant Bros.), is. Billie Pryce-Davis, Colwyn Bay, is. Mr. Walter J. Parry, 2'5. 6d. Rambler," Conway, 2s. Mr. Robert Luther, Llandudno, 2S. 6d. Mr. W. Lloyd, Colwyn Bay. 2S.; Mr. R. D. Richards, Chairman, X.W.C. League, 2s. Mr. John Hughes, Chairman of the Coast Football Association, 2s. Mr. Jack Fini-iey, Llandudno Junctiony 6d. Mr. R. W. Parry, London (formerly chairman of the Coast Association), 2s. Messrs. R- Roberts and Sons, Llandudno, ics. 6d. A Deganwy Friend, is. Mr. Frank Edge, "Pel Droed," Llandudno, 5s. Mr. James J. Marks ,M.A., Llinduano, 2S. 6d. The above list does not include the sub- scriptions of the Llandudno Corinthians F.C., which amounts to Ci 9s. There are also other subscriptions collected by friends which will be iurther acknowledged in these 12 columns. It is proposed to make the presentation on January nth, at the Queen's Hotel, under the auspices of the Corinthians F.C., during a whist drive, when Mr. J. J. Marks, M.A., will act as chairman.


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