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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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Llanrwst Urban District Council.

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Colwyn Bay Police Court.

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I The Carnarvon Boroughs Election.

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Pauperism and its Cost.


Pauperism and its Cost. INTERESTING STATISTICS. The Local Government Board on Friday night issued, as a Parliamentary White- paper, a comparative statement of pauper- ism and cost of the relief of poor in certain years from 1848-9 to 1909-10. In 1849 there were certain places in resrpect of which no returns of pauperism were received, but it is estimated that in that year the mean ntmber of paupers of all classes (including lunatics in county and borough asylums, registered hospitaLs and licensed houses) was 1,088,659, giving a ratio of 62.7 per 1,000 of the population. In 1860 the irean number was estimated at 844,633, a ratio of 42.9 per 1,000; and in 1870 the estimate was 1,032,800, with a ratio of 46. Other years given are as under:- Year. Mean Xo Ratio. 1874 827,446 35.3 i38o 808,030 31.8 IS90 775>2I7 I 27.3 1900 79 2,,367 25.0 19 P3 884,365 26.2 1900 878,259 26.3 1907 893>3!6 25.9 JQo8 C)S,3 i. 25.7 1909 920,930 26.1 iQio 923,433 25.8 Indoor paupers in 1849 were estimated at 26>558, a ratio of 1.5 per 1,000 of the popu- lation while outdoor paupers totalled 202,265, a ratio of 11.7. The figures for 1910 are Able-bodied indoor paupers, 53,797, a ratio of 1.5, and outdoor paupers, 72,832, a ratio of 2 per 1,000 of the popula- tion. As regards cost, the total annual ex- penditure all the relief of the poor and pur- poses connected therewith was in 1849 ^5',792,963 on an estimated population of 17,357,000. the average amount (arrived at by dividing the total expenditure by the mean number of paupers of all classes) be- ing £5 6s. Sd. each. The average cost shows an .almost continuous rise through the years dealt with in the return, being in 1906 £15 123. 6d. (total expenditure ^14,035,888), and 1908 _C i iSs. 6d. (expenditure ^14,308,426). For 1909 the figures are Total expenditure ^14,717,098, average amount ^15 10s. 7d. estimated population 35,349,000. In 1910 the total expenditure was £ 14,910,121, average ^16 2s. nd. population 3.5,757,000. The return shows that the rateable value of property in Eng- land and Wales, which was ^67,700,153 in. 1849, reached ^10^,405,334 in 1870, and con- tinuously mounted until ZI99,355,590 was reached in 1905, [202,760,752 in 1906, [206,969,166 in 195)7, Z209,793,471 in 1908, [212,757,+5° in igog, and ;6215,30-9,542 this year.