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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

....--..... St. Asaph (Denbigh)…

....-.-.. Temperance Arithmetic.

Llanrwst Urban District Council.

----.-":-4---The Catholic…

..--.--... "Viscount Criccieth."

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Colwyn Bay Police Court.

......-..... I Gazette News.I


Gazette News. (FROM FRIDAY NIGHT'S GAZETTE.") ADJUDICATION. j George Henry Northop, 74, Mostyn-street, Llandudno, pork butcher. NOTICES OF INTENDED DIVIDENDS. Hugh Jones, Albany Buildings, Lloyd- street, Llandudno, gentlemen's outfitter, December 31st; trustee, Official Receiver, Chester. NOTICES OF INTENDED DIVIDENDS. James C.raham Graham, Crown Vaults and George and Dragon Inn, Conway, licensed victualler, is. id. in the £ (first and final), December 8th; Grange House, Llandudno. John Robert Jones, Compton House, Bethesda, bootmaker, 3d. in the £ (second and final), December 17th; S. M. Hughes, Central Buildings, 4r, North Tohn-street, Liverpool. APPLICATION FOR DEBTOR'S DISCHARGE. Francis Harry Sarson, 101, Wellington- road, Rhyl, manager of the County Dental Association, Limited, January 16th, 2 p.m., Courthouse, Bangor. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS IN THE TREATMENT OF OBESITY. Our corpulent readers will be glad to learn how to positively lose 2 stone in about a month with the greatest possible benefit in health, stength and muscle by a compara- tively new system It is a singular para- dox that the patient, returning quickly to a healthy state with increased activity of brain, digestive and other organs naturally requires more food than hitherto, yet not- withstanding this he absolutely loses in wieight one to )two pounds daily, as the weighing machine will prove. Thus there is no suggestion of starvation. It is' an ab- solute success, and the author, who has de- voted years of study to the subject, abso- lutely guarantees a noticeable reduction within 24 hours of commencing the treat- ment. This is different with other ailments, for the p-itient in some cases may go for weeks without being able to test whether the Physician has rightly treated him, and may have derived no real or apparent improve- ment in health. Here, we repeat, the author guarantees it in 24 hours, the scale to be the unerring judge. The treatment aims at the actual root of the complaint, so that the superfluous fat does not return when discontinuing the treatment. It is perfectly harmless. We advise our readers to call the attention of stout frends to this because, sincerely, we think they ought to know. For their information we may "ay that on send- ing cost of postage (two pence) a re-print of press notices from some hundreds of Medi- cal and other journals (British and foreign), and other interesting particulars, including the recipe," can be had from a Mr. F. C. Russell, VVoburn House, Store-street, Bed- ford-square, London, W.C. |

I The Carnarvon Boroughs Election.

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Pauperism and its Cost.