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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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Llanrwst Urban District Council.

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Colwyn Bay Police Court.


Colwyn Bay Police Court. A DOCTOR'S STRANGE ATTITUDE. Mr. J. Watkin Lumley presided over the Colwyn Bay Police Court on Saturday, when the following Justices were present: Messrs David Gamble, T. J. Willliams, Hammers- ley Heenan, Joseph Dicken, J. Berth Jones, and George Bevan; together with the act- ing Clerk, Mr. James Poiter. TEMPORARY TRANSFER OF A LICENCE. Mr. Crabbe made an application to the Bench regarding the licence of the Rhos Abbey Hotel. He stated that Mrs. Meier, the holder of the licence, had become bank- rupt, and the estate was 'n the hands of tiustees. His application was that a tem- porary transfer of the licence be granted to John Stainton, who had been employed in the hotel for a number of years and who had practically the charge of the bars in the hotel. The application was granted. WARRANT GRANTED FOR A DOCTOR'S ATTENDANCE. Mr. Crabbe, who appeared for the appli- cant in a certain affiliation case, which was to have Seen heard at a previous court, re- ferred to the absence of a necessary wit- ness, Dr. Lloyd Owen, who was in South Wales, and who had been given conduct money to attend, but who did not do so. The witness had returned the conduct money stating that he could not attend with- out his services being considered. Mr. Crabbe renlied that he must attend court and make an application for his expenses at that time. After consultation the chairman stated that there had been a certain amount of con- tempt of court by Dr. Lloyd Owen, and a warrant would be issued for his. attendance at the next ordinary Police Court in Col- wyn Bay. A man was seen advancing towards the clerk, and stated I am Dr. Owen's brother, and wished to say something." Mr. Crabbe objected to the informality of such a proceeding, and the incident closed. ALLEGED CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Peter Hughes, 17, Agnes-road, Colwyn Hay, carter, and Owen Roberts, carrier's conti actor, Station-road, Colwyn Bay, were summoned by Inspector Fleming, of the R.S.P.C.A for alleged cruelty to a horse. The former was charged with working, and the latter with causing to be worked the horse in question on the 5th November. Mr. James Marks appeared for the pro- secution and Mr. E. A. Crabbe defended. The Inspector stated that he saw the de- fendant Peter Hughes driving a bay geld- ing attached to a cart on the day in ques- tion. There was a load of bricks in the cart, and the horse was very lame. Witness stopped the defendant and examined the animal and found it to be suffering from such lameness that it was unfit for work. Sergeant Thomas gave evidence as to lameness, and Mr. C. A. Hutton, veterinary surgeon, of Llandudno, gave evidence as to the injured foot. In reply to Mr. Crabbe as to whether wit- ness knew the said horse had won a prize in the last Colwyn Bay May Day proces- sion, he said, 1: I have seen many lame horses take prizes in a May Day,- proces- sion." (Laughter.) Owen Roberts gave evidence, and stated that the horse was fit for work, but in order to save further annoyance in regard to the animal he sold it a few days after he had been speaking with the Inspector for £5, although he gave ^45 for it when he pur- chased it. Evidence having been given by Peter Hughes and T. O. Davies, the Bench de- cided to convict by a majority in both cases. Peter Hughes was fined 5s. and costs, and Owen Roberts 20s. and costs. Wm. Westbury and Wm. Rowland Jones, of Glan Conway, were charged with cruelty to a horse, on the 16th November by travel- ling it in an unfit state. Inspector Fleming, R.S.P.C.A., prosecut- ed, and Mr. E. Davies-Jones, Llanrwst, de- fended. Sophia C. Shewell, of Colwyn Bay, stated that she saw the defendant Westbury on the day in question taking three horses towards Colwyn. The middle horse was in a very emaciated condition, and was lame on the forelegs. It staggered now and again, and would not have been able to walk, only that it was between the two others. After hearing evidence, the Bench, decided by a majority to convict. Westbury was fined 2s. 6d. and costs and Jones 10s. and costs, including veterinary surgeon's fee.

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Pauperism and its Cost.