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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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....-.-.. Temperance Arithmetic.

Llanrwst Urban District Council.

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-4- The Catholic Mission at Llanrwst. A COLWYN BAY MARTYR. The Rev. Father Trebacl, O.M.I., who is directing the Cambro-Breton Mission at Llanrwst, is Bringing out a very readable parish magazine, which is called The Messenger of the Catholic Church." Un- like so many magazines of the kind, it is an entirely "home" production, and well printed throughout. The articles, some in English and others in Welsh, deal with ques- tions of great moment in a popular and understandable way, and no doubt are well designed to achieve the purpose in view. Incidentally, many others besides Catho- lics will be interested in an article on "Some Welsh Martyrs which appears in the issue of November 25th. The martyr whose life is there outlined is William Davies, a Welsh priest of the sixteenth century, who suffered much for his faith. The article commences thus:— Vr oedd William Davies, yn ol awdur- dod Yepez, yn Gymro, genedigol o Gaer- narlon; eithr, yn ol Esgob Chalcedon, ganwyd ef yng Nghroes Honorius, ger Colwyn Bay, swydd Dinbych—ac nid yn y Groes, ger Dinbych, fel y tybia rhai. It will be seen that there is a dispute as to the birthplace of the saint. One authority says it was Groes, near Denbigh, others that it was Groes Honorius," near Colwyn Bay. The latter Groes is now known as "Groes yr Eirias." Was it originally Groes Hon- orius ? We should very much like to hear from our numerous antiquarian readers on this interesting subject. GWYTHERIN AND ST. WINEFREDE. What has become of Father Trebaol's pro- posal of an annual pilgrimage to that upland village of Gwytherin in honour of St. Wene- frede? According to some historians, the small church at Gwytherin had the hon- our of becoming a place of interment for the precious remains of St. Winefrede after her decollation and revivification. On her reputed second death she was buried in this secluded spot. whither she had some time previously retired for devotional pur- poses, under strong and mental induce- ment. On the decease of Sj. Beuno, she is said to have been warned by a visionary voice to visit St. Deifer, then resident at Bodfari, <or spiritual information, by whom she was directed to St. Sadwrn, at Hen- llan who further advised her to seek an asylum with St. Elerius at Gwytherin. Having adopted the last recommenda- tion, she repaired to this spot, where, it is stated, then existed a convent of nuns, and having received the veil from the hands of the local saint, on the demise of Theonia, she was elected by the sisterhood Lady Abbess. In this silent retreat the corpse was per. mitted for centuries to rest in peace, but its miraculous powers magnifying with in- creasing darkness, and a monk of Shrews- bury having witnessed its amazing beneficial effects, the abbot of the Benedictine house there, in the reign of Henry the First, sens- ible what an acquisition of derivable sanct- ity and consequent power it would give to the fraternity, determined to have it con- veyed to his reliquary, and for the purpose obtained a royal mandate of removal. But the possessors, alike aware of the invaluable nature of the treasure, demurred against the King, for a time refused to re- sign the deposit, which was at length got out of their hands by detestable strata- gems.

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Colwyn Bay Police Court.

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I The Carnarvon Boroughs Election.

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Pauperism and its Cost.