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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.

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St. Asaph (Denbigh) Rural District Council. LLANDDULAS WATER SUPPLY— WAIT AND SEE. :.1r. J. D. Jones presided at the monthly meeting ol this Council on Friday, and Mr. Wm. Jones occupied the vice-chair. VOTE OF SYMPATHY. A vote of sympathy with Mr. Salisbury (Llannefydd) in his illness was unanimously passed. ALLEGED HEAVY TRAFFIC ON ROADS. The Council discussed the question of their claim against a mining company in the Abergele and Llanddulas district for alleged heavy traffic on the roads, and Mr. Davies said that while he had been against being too hard on an industry which was to benefit he district, he considered that they should now press their claim, espec- ially as the heavy traffic was continuing, and the Surveyor had put down 400 yards of stone and wanted another 200 yards for the roads. It was decided that the Clerk should at once take the matter in hand. WATER SUPPLY TO RHYDYFOEL. WAIT AND SEE." The Surveyor (Mr. Evans) stated that he had taken guagings at Nant Fawr springs, and also at the River Dulas with a view to ascertaining ,the best means of supplying Rhydyxoel with water. He found that" for two years the yield from Nant Fawr .was 12,GGO gallons per day, and from the River Dulas 70,000 gallons in a like penod. The estimated requirements were 6,000 per day, and while the Nant Fawr springs were high enough for the water to flow by gravitation there was also sufficient water in the River Dulas to supply the district .and to work the pumps. Both supplies had been anal- ysed, and found to be good, but the wafer from the river would have to be taken above the village of Llanddulas. The Clerk pointed out that many years ago when the question was raised of "sup- plying Llanddulas with water the Rural Sanitary Authority insisted rpon the village taking the supply from Rhyl, but the villagers protested and refused to pay the water rate, contending that the river water was good. The Authority considered it was liable to pollution, and summoned ten persons for not paying the rate. The Authority won the day, although Mr. Mark Cross was very angry over it. The Nant Fawr supply would save the cost of pump- ing. .\1: John Jones did not think it would be possible to obtain sufficient water from Nant Fawr without interfering with the supply to farms. The Surveyor replied that the farmers would be supplied from the pipes which would be laid. Mr. Davies considered that they were causing unneccessary alarm. He knew as much, about the affair as anyone, although he did not wish to speak for the Llanddulas people. At the present time they were getting for the district plenty of water from Cwymp, and they had to realise the fact that either Llanddulas would have to lay a new main from either Abergele or Glas- coed, or they would have to obtain a sup- ply of water from elsewhere. It was sug- gested that the people of Rhydyfoel and the district where he lived should co-oper- ate with Llanddulas in obtaining a supply of water other than from the Rhyl supply. At the present time Llanddulas paid Rhyl about per annum, and a new scheme to supply the whole district could be ob- tained for about so that it would be better to defer the matter in order that the scheme could, be gone into. The Chairman said it was a difficult matter to defer2 as it had been before the Council for a very long time. Canon Roberts said the matter was re- ferred to in the Medical Officer of Health's report, and the Local Government Board were pressing that something should be done. Mr. Davies: And who presses it on the Local Government Board? Mr. Bennet Jones proposed that the matter be deferred. Mr. Davies said it was necessary to have more water at Llanddulas, as there was a sewerage scheme there. It was then decided to defer the matter. The Clerk I do not know w<hat the Local Government Board will say. We have deferred it for two years now. Mr. J. Roberts: Wait and see. (Laugh- ter.) LLANDDULAS ROADS. A discussion arose as to the completion of the sewerage works at Llanddulas, and Canon Roberts said the people had cause for complaint that the roads were left in a very bad condition. He felt that the matter should be attended to at once, and he was sorry to see people walking through so much mud. He did not think that the people who went to Beulah Chapel next Sunday would be in a pleasant state of mind after wading through so much mud. Mr. John Roberts If anyone deserve good roads the Methodists do. (Laughter.) The Surveyor was directed to take the matter in hand at once with the con- tractors. THE ISOLATION HOSPITAL QUESTION. The Council considered the question of the proposed erection of an isolation hospital, and agreed to the recommendation of the Joint Hospital Committee that a building be erected at a cost not exceeding £800. The matter will now come before the St. Asaph (Flint) Rural District Coun- cil.

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Llanrwst Urban District Council.

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Colwyn Bay Police Court.

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I The Carnarvon Boroughs Election.

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Pauperism and its Cost.