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Llanrwst Sewage Case. STATEMENT BY MR. ISGOED JONES. To the Editor of the Weekly News. SIR,—Now that the proceedings I was compelled to take against the Llanrwst Urban District Council have come to an end, and I have obtained the injunction I asked for against them. I think it right that the public should know that these proceed- ings were the result of the Council's re- fusal to make any terms with me in regard to the discharge of their crude sewage into the River Conway opposite my property, with disastrous results to my estate, and which was in various ways thereby most injuriously affected. w I am not fonder of law than the aver- age citizen, and I certainly should not have resorted to it in the present case if I had not been driven to do so. Negotiations were of no use to the Council. They not only declined to admit the existence of a nuisance, but they went so far as to con- test my title to some portion of my land. The only alternative was this action, which was started early in the present year. Not so very long after the case was launched, or, to be quite accurate, on the 26th of April, a member of the Urban Dis- trict Council called upon me and discuss- ed the matter in a friendly wTay, and of course without prejudice, and he gave me the impression that he was anxious to see an end to the litigation. As a result of this interview I handed him on the 29th of the same month a statement of the ieims which would then have satisfied line, and the acceptance of which would have sr-ved the enormous costs that have since been incurred, quite apart from the large sum of money that will now have to be spent in reconstructing the whole of the drainage system of the town. The following were the actual terms I submitted — 1. That the sewei outfall at the souther- ly end of Plasyndre be discontinued, and that in lieu thereof the sewer be con- tinued a-long the river bank through Mr. Isgoed Jones' land :n a northerly direction Uutil it joins ewr No. 2, intercepting that sewer and continuing along the bank of the river, still in a northerly direction and eventually forming one outfall for both sewers into a deep pool at the boundary of Plasyndre Land with a field known as Ddol Fawr, occupied by Mr. Robert Re- berts, m which cas. an annual lent of £5 shall be paid by the Council to Mr. Isgoed Jones for the joint easement; or io 2. That a scheme be arranged after con- sultation between two or three of the ex- perts on either side for the proper treat- men+ of the sewage at a point to be agreed between the parties, so that that same be rendered harmless to the River Conway, and to the plaintiff's property, the outfalls i and 2 and the sewers therewith connect. ed being only continued if at all for the discharge of the sewage so purified and 3. That the whole of the work be done under the supervision and to the satisfac- tion of Mr. Isgoed Jones' engineer or other expert, and that a fornal easement be prepared of other document executed in a iorm satisfactory to Mr. Isgoed Jones' solicitors for the maintenance of such sewers or outfalls, and 4. That in any event the whole of the costs and expenses incurred by Mr. Isgoed Jones be paid to his solicitors by the Council, with the following footnote For the sake of Llanrwst and dis. trict and for the sake of shewing Mr. Isgoed Jones' anxiety to save the rate- payers' pockets and not for any other reason he has considered the minimum limit of concessions which are compris- ed in the above terms." On the 14th of May the Clerk to the Council wrote me direct that these terms were not entertained. The public ot Llanrwst ana neignDOUI- hood can judge for themselves whether, in the circumstances, I have acted unreason- ably. Whatever the costs amount to and whatever the expense of the scheme of re- constructing the drainage, I shall have to pay my proportion as a considerable rate- paver in the district. I shall also have to pav a very considerable sum for the dif- ference between what are known as taxed costs and the totil amount of the costs in. curred. toy me. I have had no vindictive feeling of any sort or kind from the beginning to the end of this unfortunate dispute: and if any evidence were required to show that I had no desire to punish my own town, I think it may be gathered from the statement of my leading counsel, Mr. Romer, at the very close oi the case, when Mr. Justice Parker asked him whether he desired an injunction and damages, and he replied saying that I did not ask for both, and would be satisfied with an injunction only. Apologising for trespassing upon your space, and thanking you in anticipation.— I am, &c., O. ISGOED JONES. Plasyndre, Llanrwst.

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