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! Colwyn Bay's Finances.

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That I think the ability shown by Pen- maenmawr s truly remarkable. That I heartily congratulate them upon their ability shown, and hope to go and see them personally ere long. 'Ihat I m told good old William Hughes, of No. 1, New York-terrace, is becoming an enthusiast in the game. Clywch! Clywch Da iawn, Will Bach, my friend. That it was unfortunate for Colwyn Bav tc be unable to go to Llanberis on Satur- day owing to the ground being under v.-ater. That the majority of the Bavites team were enjoying the match at Llandudno. That I must congratulate Llaaludno upon the very much improved tone in 'léir play of Saturday with the previous week s display. That there is still more improvement needed such as being more nippy on the ball, allowing opponents too much rope, and a greater spirit of dare-devil which the 'Chers can infuse if they like. That it will be as well to do this on every possible occasion, especially in the replay. That the gate was £10 odd, not bad con- sidering the weather. That there should be a good gate at the replay. That Father Owen did not need to lower the flag to half mast on that occasion. I That good old Tommy Wellings was a spectator. That he is one of best sports Colwyn Bay ever had. That he is now the trainer of the Gulls, and a jolly one too. That to have the services of so exper- ienced a player means a lot to any team. That Carnarvon are to be congratulated upon turning up at LLandudno on Satur- day. That politics were allowed to interfere with the match in January, and so the Canaries did not turn up at Llandudno in the Senior Welsh Cup-tie. That had the Canaries repeated that conduct on this occasion it would have been a serious thing for the Coast Associa- tion to consider. That happily "All's well that ends well." That Festiniog are on the up-grade, and defeated the Holyhead Seniors at Festiniog on Saturday by 3-1. That it looks evident that the Flamingos will not be the wooden spoonists of the League this season. That the Seal arks are doing badly, beaten home and away. That I congratulate Mr. Percy Weekes upon being the new secretary of the Coast Association. Open Letter. To TOMMY WELLINGS, COLWYN BAY. Dear Tom,—Your exit from the Colwyn Bay team as an active player was always to me a matter of extreme regret, for I con- sidered you were leaving the arena in the full prime of your football glory. You were always, Tommy, one of the most con- sistent players and artful centre-halves in North Wales. This was due, no doubt, to the grand Salopian experience you had prior to coming to Colwyn Bay. Socially, you are one of the most genial friends to meet and prove a trump to those whom you have found to be worthy of your friend- ship. You are as straight as a dart in your opinions, and know classy play when you see it. I congratulate Colwyn Bay in hav- ing such a worthy trainer as your dear old self. May your shadow never grow less.—With lest wishes, H Vigilant."