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North Wales Football.


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COAST JUNIOR LEAUGE JUNCTION RESERVES v. PENMAENMAWR. The invincible team of quarrymen from Penmaenmawr were the visitors on the Woodlands ground at the Junction on Satur- day afternoon, and although the field was extremely damp a good number of spectators lined the ropes, and a large number of these were the visitors' supporters. With the election of the Chancellor near to at Conway, there was considerable enthusiasm Wihafn it was -'seen that the 'visitors were playing in yellow, the Liberal colours, and the homesters in blue, the Conservative party colours. It was at once a game of play up, Liberals, and play up, Conserva- tives. Mr. C. J. Thomas, Bangor, had charge of the following t-eams:- Junction Llew. Parry George Williams and W. E. Jones; Walter Parry, Cordery and Evan Jones; Tom Craven, D. Parry, Ernest Parry, T. Morgan and Chesters. Penmaenmawr: Bob Lloyd; W. E. Hughes and Hugh Jones; R. Brown, J. Jones and T. Jones; J. W. Lunt, A. G. Jones, R. Morris, C. Sloane and C. S. Williams. There was considerable excitement as soon as the ball was set rolling, and Ernest Parry, gaining possession, worked his way through and placed Craven in an excellent position. Tom centred well, but Chesters missed an open goal. The visitors settled down to business, and proved their invin- cibility by pressing continually and giving the home defence a hot time. Ernest Parry again got away, but one of his partners be- ing offiside spoiled the movement. Away came the Quarrymen again, and the home defence put in all they knew to keep them in check, but K. Morris from long range caught Llew napping -and scored a good goal. The visitors' supporters were boiling over with excitement, and very little could be heard on the ground but Play Pen- maen." And they did play, too, but it was more of the kick and a rush style- than the graceful combination which one usually ex- pects to see. The home backs were pot at all safe, and Llew was full of anxiety. Both men missed their kick, and luckily Llew diverted its course around the up- right. Again Ernest Parry was prominent, and he forced a corner, which, however, was fruitless. In a few minutes the Quarry- men swooped down on Llew, and a scrim- mage ensued. Two of the visitors had at- tempted to rush the ball into the net, but failed, and whilst they were close on Llew and a scrimmage ensued. Two of the vis. tors had attempted to rush the ball into the net, but failed, and whilst they were close on Llew, Sloane scored, but the appeal for offside was not listened to by the referee. From now to half time the visitors were having the best of matters. No further scoring took place. When they resumed it was felt that the Junction would do some damage, but not so, for the Quarrymen's defence was im- pregnable. Ernest Parry kept the forwards going well, but their movements were a lot too slow for this classy player. A sprint up the field by the visitors spelt disaster, and R. Monris notched the third point somewhat easily, through the weakness of the backs. Play was of a give and take character from row to the end, but the visitors were far superior ii the vicidty of goal, and they added two more goals. A penalty kick was missed by Ernest Parry in the closing stages of the game. The final result was Penmaenmawr, 5; Junction Reserves, o. COMMENTS. Good play was out of the question in this match owing to the sodden condition of the ground. The visitors are a well-balanced lot, but the mainstay of the team is the de- fence, who play a powerful game. Of the half back line, R. Brown was by far the best player, and he deserved a place in a more classy team. Morris, at centre for- ward, was the best of the forward line. He has plenty of dash, and is a source of great worry to the opposing defence. The whole team played a nne game, and they should feel proud of their record of not having yet been beaten this season. For the home team, Llew Parry had no chance with the goals scored against him. His backs were very weak. Evan Jones was the best of the half back line, and in the forward line Ernest Parry was the only one worth mentioning. The others were only fair. If Ernest had had a good player each side of him, they would have done some damage.




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