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WELSH SENIOR CUP, LLANDUDNO ANATEURS v. CARNARVON UNITED. A FINE GAME ENDS IN A DRAW. (BY" VIGILANT.") The visit of the Canaries in the above Cup tournament was looked forward to with more than ordinary interest, and on Saturday there was a good crowd to greet the 'Chers notwithstanding their stumble on the Saturday previous at the feet of Colwyn Bay. By a strange co-incidence, the Canaries were due at Llandudno on the date of the Carnarvon Boroughs Elec- tion last time. They did not on that occa- sion fulfil their obligation, but did so on Saturday. THE 'CHERS VASTLY IMPROVE. Amongst those present in the stand and in the crowd were Councillor T. E. Purdy, and a good number of the members of the Colwyn Bay team, and their interest in the event was above the ordinary. The game was a slashing one, full of incident and ex- citement. The great improvement shown by Llandudno to the previous Saturday's display was refreshing and encouraging. Playing against a breeze the 'Chers made good ground, and some 01 the work done was applauded. Bob Davies managed to do the tiick after some capital work by little Jim, and the pent up feelings of the Llandudno spectators found an outlet for relief in shouts of joy. vr THE CANARIES SMART. The yellow ones were all for business and in my opinion were more ready to take ptrctndt advantage of any opportunities which came their way. They were always dangerous when in the shooting zone. After a very pretty run on the right a cur- ling shot was met bv Twin Bach yr Offis," who somehow "lifted the ball further in its flight quite out Stallard's reach into the top corner 0f net. It was & ■ri>»rtiy g-o* —». <uid loud applause greeted the pcrlormanoe which placed the sides on equal terms. IIa\f time arrived with a I goal each. v JACK HENRY INC^EASeS THE 'CHERS LEAD. Playing with a breeze behind them, Llandudno played up well, and bad dis. tinctly hard lines on sever*, occasions. During a spell of pressure, T larujudno were awarded a free kick, from w- Henry scored with a grounds. Tones falling as he attempted to save. A 1^€wa| of joyous shouts were heard and ot hand shakings seen. The Canaries feeling th reverse, .and played some ill football, Walter Jones always forebadil% danger to Llandudno when he got awa • The game was somewhat loose on Llan- dudno's part, and Carnarvon seized the chances offered. To the dismay of the crowd, Walter Jones drew level with a splendid rising shot from long range. Al- though Llandudno had really most of the g,ime, ib,e defence of the Canaries was ex. cellent. One thing I would. like to mention, and that dt is the brutal trick J. Williams, half back of the Canaries had of upsetting Bob Davies when on the run. The manner in which he bowled Bob over was sufficient to break his neck, and never did I or others around me feel so disgusted with such unwarrantable conduct as this innocent was capable of. Mr. R. D. Richards, who acted as referee ad- ministered him a caution, which it is to be hoped will fall on fertile ground. THE STRUGGLE FOR THE WINNING GOAL. The remaining portion of the game after Walter Jones had equalised was a very enjoyable affair. The game went on at a ding-dong pace, both goals being attacked with vigour .and determination. Carnar- von indulged at some stages in kicking out, quite unnecessarily. No increase in the score was made, and a fast and pleasing game ended in a draw. ;Final:- JJandudno, 2; Carnarvon, 2.





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