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North Wales Football.



Established 1894. MORRIS HUGHES & SON, the prin- cipal Billposters, Town Criers, and Bill Distributors in Llanrwst and District. Good Hoardings in all parts of the town. All orders promptly attended to.-24 and 25, Narrow Street, Llanrwst. 360 I MR. CHARNLEY, D.B.O.A (by Exam.), Eyes'ght and Spectacle Specialist, of Birmingham, Leicester, Etc., may be consulted personally at 17, Penrhyn Road, COLWYN BAY. ADVICE FREE. 904 —————————— Drink and Enjoy | Pryce Williams & Co.'s PURE & DELICIOUS Indian & Ceylon TEAS, "'i OUR W x/o if 7 IS THE BEST VALUE OBTAINABLE ); Pryce Williams & Co., & COLWYN BAY, COLWYN, J'1 RHOS-ON-SEA. ,7- 3== =:=:?=::==:== THE WELSH CURE." Have You Cough I or Cold ? I AV M- Will Cure You. I Will Cure You. I INVALUABLE IN NURSERY. I Cash Prices, 1/- or 2/6. I 319 HORTON'S BENEDICT PILLS. FREE TO LADIES In a few days correct all irregularities and remove all obstructions, also cure Anaemia, and cause no injury to the married or single they are invaluable. By post, under cover for is. i^D. or as. 9d., from HORTON & Co., Chemists (Chief Dispenser from the late Birmingham Lying-in Hospital), Dept. 41. Aston Manor, ham. Sold over 40 years. SUPPLIED DIRECT ONLY. Seldom ever fail. All Ladies should send Penny Stamp for Free Sample of Pills also Improved Sanitary Towel and Booklet post free. [3.V~5° LADIES. TRY IT FREE i To pt'ov the. value of Huntley's Celubi-a,ed Cci"- pound, which has over1 30 yeais reputation, Pilei is.guaranteed far superior to st^i uennypoyai. etc.. a FREETRIAL PACKAGE, wi h full directions. Valuable Advice, and Copies of Tcstimo 11 ialt w be sent to any lad J on recei pt of stR mped add rest- ed envelope to Mrs. J. HUNTLEY. Cambridge Place, Hyde Park. Lo,idon, 'A I For more than Twenty-five Years, Dr. DAVIS'S FAMOUS FEMALE PILLS Have been universally admitted to be A Boon to Womankind. Have been the best known Remedy for Anaemia, Giddiness. Fulness and Swelling after Meals. Loss of Appetite. Hysteria. Palpitation of the Heart Debility, Depression, Weakness, Irregularities, and all Female Ailments. Box.s^d., is. ild.. 2F,. gd.. 4S. 6d and i is. May be had trom Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors everywhere, or under cover from the Proprietors. iw A pi? Tim Dr. DAVISS little book for MARRIED WOMEN most invaluable, sent free on receipt of a stamped'addressed envdope. Only address 309 PORTOBELLA RD.. NOTTING HILL, W- <==, CHEAP CHAIRS p^r For Churches, Chapels, f^f Missions and Schoolrooms. From Is. Scl. each. pBuy from the factory, save middle profits. f MEALING BROS., 363 High Wycombe. T LADIES! I SEND AT ONCE. the Emir-ent Mrs. STAFFORD BROOKES Lady Spee.ahsi has much pi asure in annnu^i R 'nNEis thr I GUARANTEE EVERY CASE. Send at once stamped addressed envelope.fj Particulars and testimonials <pna ant,,d gnt*i*e F under a penalty of ) A LAM W..T. :-Dr, p .utfw. lecmmen led !HO for which I thank him—^>l' Mrs. STAFFORD BROOKES, (m), zzo. Ardgowan-road, Hither Green, LONDON, S.E ^T^TTNTCOOD CLASS WEEKLY PAPE R I If || 1 reaching £ \J\J MILLIONS OF AN AMAZING OFFER TO ADVERTISE S. Send jor List and Terms. W. H. COLLINGWOOD, Advertising Agent, iS, Hogarth Road, Earl's Court. S.W. 71 A WATChTFOR^K11- — In the centre of the Diagram you see I Fig. 5. Arrange the figures 1, 2, 3, 4. 6. 7. 8. and 9. in the remaining squares so C that the columns add .5 up. down, across, o and from corner to corner. If correct, and yo„ comply with the ^^d.tion we shall send you a HANDSOMS ————————— WATCH (Lady's or Gent s. guaranteed your answer NOW, stamp tor reply to (Dept. 5 years), will he selit 3-ot, Entii,ely Free of Cost. Setid Kent). CLARKE'S B41 PILLS. are warranted to cure, in either sex, all ac- • J „ constitutional DIKILUKU from oTgans, Gravel and Pains m ftc back. Free flom M,-jcury. Established up- wards of 40 year3 In boxes 45. 6d. each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the wcild. or sent for sixty stamps fcy the makers, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. PHOTO FRAMES. R. E. JONES & BROS., The "Weekly News" Offices, 8, Station Road, COLWYN BAY, AND Rose Hill St. & Bangor Road CONWAY

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