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Colwyn Bay Cottage Hospital.

Llanrwst Education Authority.


Llanrwst Education Authority. The monthly meeting of the Llanrwst Edu- cation Authority was held on Monday, Mr. William Hughes presiding. There were also present the Revs. T. Gwilym Roberts and William Thomas, Colonel Sandbach, Messrs. W. G. Owen, Edward Mills, David Lewis, Albert Hughes, William Williams, Hugh Owen, and William jone<- with the Deputy Clerk (Mr. Hugh Evans), and the Attendance Officer (Mr. Thomas Williams). Mr. W. G. Owen said that there was a complaint against what had been said by him at the previous meeting respecting the payment to Mr. Price Williams for repairing the Council School yard. He had stated that he received £ 5 annually, but it appeared that Mr. Price Williams had only received i2 16s for his services for four vears. Mr. Williams had also been ill for some weeks, which would account for the work not having been attended to. He wished to be per- fectly fair towards Price Williams. Mr. David Lewis enquired if any work had been done on the yard. If so, there would be traces of it. When he saw the vard, there were pools of water in it. The Chairman said that the drains were clogged, and it was at that time that Mr. Williams was engaged to clear the drain and patch up the yard. The place had been in a bad state for years. Mr. W. G. Owen In 1905 a sub-committee was appointed to accompany Mr. Wynne, the Surveyor, to examine plans prepared by him. It was then resolved to recommend to the County Authority that the work he done. In 1907 attention was again drawn to the state of the yard, nothing evidently having been done, and the same Committee was again asked to see to the yard. At the next meeting their report was received, and the Chairman said that the County Surveyor would be there in the course of a few weeks, and his attention would be drawn to it. In May of the same year a resolution was passed to carry out the work according to the plans of the Surveyor, and that a man be paid 2s. per week to keep the place in good order. It was said the man had only to see to the drains, but according to the minutes, he was to care for the vard also, and he wished to draw attention once more to the yard. Why was this not done ? Make a good job of it once and for all, and be done with it. The children were constantly getting colds. It was a source of great nuisance, and he ven- tured to say no other nuisance in the town could be compared with it. He had no child oi his own in this school, and if he had one that he wished to send. he would not do so whilst the yard was in its present condition. The Chairman agreed with Mr. Owen, that there would never be any satisfaction until the yard was put in a proper state of repair. A letter was read from Ruthin, stating that for the want oi time at the last meeting, the subject had been adjourned. Mr. Mills said, under the old rules, they were allowed to do these works themselves, and then there were no complaints. Rev. Cwilym Roberts said it appeared to him that the yard needed re-laying en- tirely, and he moved that the attention of the Authorities at Ruthin be drawn to the matter, and that the Surveyor be asked to visit the place without delav. when two or three members would meet him. This was agreed to, and a committee named for that purpose. The Rev. Gwilym Roberts said they were still without a playground at Eglwysbach. This had been discussed over and over again, and nothing was done. He failed entirely to understand what Ruthin was for. The Chairman Its useful to keep things there. Mr. W. G. Owen It's very much like the House of Lords. (Laughter.) It was resolved that their attention be again drawn to the matter. It was decided .that the Christmas holiday should commence on December 21th- for a fortnight. On the motion of Mr. W. G. Owen, it was resolved to ask if all the teachers within the district were fully qualified. A letter was read from the Master of Eglwysbach School, asking if the Council were prepared to put the garden in condition, in preparation for the work of cottage gar- dening. if that was not done immediately." work would have to be postponed for another year. It was agreed to put the garden in order, according to the resolution passed at a special meeting in July last, and that the Rev. T. Gwilym Roberts should take charge of the work, at an estimated cost of 20s. The average attendance for the month was 88.5, compared with 92.5 last month.

Penmaenmawr High School.

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The N.S.P.C.C. at Conway.


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