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Colwyn Bay Cottage Hospital.

Llanrwst Education Authority.

Penmaenmawr High School.

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The N.S.P.C.C. at Conway.


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Christmas at the Shops.J

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Markets and Fairs.

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Markets and Fairs. WELSH. 15AXCOR (December 9th).—Butter, Is. 3d. per lb. beef, 7d. to lOd. mutton, 7d. to 10d.; pork. 8d. to lOd. fat pigs, 4id. to 41d.; ducks, 3s. each turkeys, Is. 2d. per lb. chickens, Is. 6d. to 5s. 6d. per couple pota- toes. 24 lbs. for Is. COXWAY (December 9th).—Butter, Is. 3d. per lb. eggs, 6 for Is. beef, 6d. to lOd. per lh. mutton, 6d. to lOd. pork, 6d. to lOd. fat pigs, 4[d. young pigs, 20s. to 23s. each ducks, 5s. to 5s. 6d. per couple.; geese, 7Jel. per lh. turkeys, lid. DENBIGH (December 7th).—Butter, Is. Id. to Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 6 for Is. beef, 7d. to lOd. per lb. mutton, 7d. to 8d. fat pigs, 4 [d. to 4d. ducks, 5d. per couple wool (English), lid. to Is. per lb.; ditto (Welsh), 8d. to 9d. potatoes, 6s. 6d. per liobbet. PWLLHELI (December 14th).—Butter, Is. Oid. to Is. id. per lb. eggs, 14s. per 120 beef, 7d. to lOd. per lb. mutton, 6d. to 9d. pork, 7d. to lOd. fat pigs, 4,\d. young pigs, 15s. to 18s. each ducks, 4s. (xl. per couple geese, 61cl. per lb. 2 LLANGEFNI (December 8th) ,-Butte" Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 8 for Is. beef, 7d. to 9d. per ib. mutton, 8d. to lOd. pork, 9d. fat pigs, 4:1el. to 4id. young pias, 1-1s. to 4 19s. each ducks, 2s. 6d. ENGLISH. GRAIN. SHREWSBURY (Saturday, December 10th).—Values unchanged for the few samples of grain on offer by farmers. Feed- ing stuffs in good demand. Attendance moderate. Wheat, 13s. 6d. to 14s. per 2251b. new oats, 10s. to 10s. 6d. per 2001b. beans, 13s. 6d. to 14s. per 2401b. barley, 14s. to 19s. per 2801b. CHESTER (Saturday, December 18thV— Mixed corn favours buyers, and River Plate corn is against them. Wheat made about late rates. Oats steady barley a little dearer. Beans slow. Wheat, 4s. ld. to 4s. 5d. per 751b. grinding barlev, 3s. 3d. to 3s. 6d. per 641b. oats, new, 2s. Id. to 2s. 4d. per 461b. beans, new, 15s. to 15s. 6d. per 2401b. Indian corn, 14s. to 17s. 3d. round, 12s. to 18s. per 2401b. HAY AND STRAW. MANCHESTER (Iridav, December 9th). —Hay, 4.U1. to 5jd. clover, 5]d. to 6]d. straw, wheat, 4 ditto, oat, 31d. per stone. LONDON (WIHTECHAPEL) (Saturday, December 10th).- Fair supplies met with slow support, but prices remain steady. Best clover, 82s. 6d. to 92s. 6d. inferior, 67s. to 77s. specially picked hay, 82s. 6d. good, 70s. to 77s. inferior, -10s. to 60s. mixture and sainfoin, 78s. to 87s. 6(1. and straw 28s. to 33s. per load. BIRKENHEAD (Tuesday, December 13th).Clnver, 85s. per ton. CATTLE. DCBLIN (Thursday. December 8th) Beasts, 5,374 sheep, 6,664 cows 330 Cattle slow trade rough irregular a bad clearance. Beef, 28s. to 61s. "sheep gener- ally slow mutton, 5d. to 6M. lambs 25s to 35s. CHESTER (Thursday, December 8th), Supplies of stock were smaller than usual and the market was thinly attended Stirks £ 10 to £ \2, barren cattle £ 12 to lIS, and milch cows 09 to £21 each. LEICESTER (Saturday, December 10th). —Small consignment of store stock. Choice milch cows, £ 23 to f2,5 good lots /19 to £ 22 home-bred bullocks, £ 12 lOs. to/L5 10s.- Lincoln red pedigree voimg bulls, /14 14s! to £ 21 calves, 20s. to 40s. each. LEEDS (Tuesday, December 13th). —This being Christmas market, the supply of cattle was larger the quality on the whole offered was good, but demand ruled slow. Beasts 5id. to 7d. sheep, 5|d. to 8]d. • calves 8d per lb. pigs, 7s. 6d. to 8s. per stone beasts 889 sheep, 1.968 calves, 11 pigs, 18. BIRMINGHAM (Tuesday, December 13th).—Poor supply and not much business passing. Best Herefords sold at 7 id. per lb. shorthorns, 7d. to 7jd. bulls and cows, 4id. to 5id. wether sheep, 74d. to 8jd. 4 ewes and rams, 5d. to 6jd. Fewer pigs offer- ing and steady demand, bacons realising 10s. to 10s. 3d. cutters, 10s. 6d. to 10s. 10d. porkers, I Is. 6d. and sows, 8s. 10d. per score. HODNEf (SALOP) (Tuesday, December 13th).—Annual Christmas prize sale of cattle was held to-day, when there was a grand show of fat stock. Buyers attended in aver- age number, and trade for all classes was easier. Sheep and calves were again a small entry, but prices about the same. Pigs easv demand. Quotations Beef, Sid. to 65d per lb. mutton, 7d. to 8kl. veal, 6?d. to 8d. 1 SALFORD (Tuesday, December 13th). The trade for cattle was somewhat slow though prices were from lid. to 3(1. per Ib: higher than last week. Sheep trade was fair, and a few very choice animals made up to 8d, per lb. Calf trade quiet, and choice uuality made higher prices. Quotations Choice small cattle, 6id. to 7d. good bullocks 2 and heifers, 6jd. to 6id. middling cattle -t and good young cows, 5Jd. to 6(1. rough 2 cattle, 4id. to 5d. small North-countrv sheep, 8d. to Sid. heavy, 7id. to 8d. small t I Irish, 7id. to 7fd. ewes, 41d. to Std. calves, A 7d. to 9d. per lb. At market: Cattle, 2 686 (increase 321) sheep, 9,322 (increase, 1 484) calves, 128 (increase, 32). PROVISION. iNANTWICII (Cheese Fair, December 8th) —There was a pitch of 37 tons at Thursday's fair, which was cleared at the following prices Best cheese, 67s. to 72s. 6d.; medium, 60s. to 66s. and common cheese, down to 50s. per cwt. BUTTER. CORK (Tuesday, December 13th).-Quo- tations Firsts, 100s. seconds, 90s. thirds, 85s. fourths, 82s. Mild cured Superfine, 101s. Fresh butter, 102s. and 88s. -MANCHESTER --(TiffesCay^ *Bec€fnber 13th).—Market very firm, and a good clear- ance has been effected. Choicest Danish is quoted 119s. to 120s. choicest Swedish, 117s. to 118s. choicest Finnish, 115s. to 117s. choicest New Zealand, Ills. to ] 135. choicest Argentine, 105s. to 106s. choicest Siberian, 104s. to 106s. WOOL. BRADFORD (December 12th).—in of a good attendance at the Exchange h C ness was very slack, new business bein« 81" difficult to obtain. There was a mand for English wool at Id. less vious market. SS "»» pre-