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The N.S.P.C.C. at Conway.


Christmastide at11 Colwyn…


Christmastide at Colwyn Bay. A GLANCE AT TIIE SHOPS. Christmastide is the children's ,ea-son, and it is therefore no wonder that the juvenile patrons of Withington House are keeping their eyes upon the attractive windows of that famous confectionery establishment. Miss Buckley displays a fine assortment of ornamental cakes, all done on the premises. As for boxes of chocolates, they are here found in every variety of sizes and designs, and at prices ranging from the nimble six- pence to the aristocratic guinea. There is an exidless range of crackers for table decorations and of decorations for Christ- mas Trees. Home happiness is to some extent de- pendent upon the quality of the furniture and the taste of its owner. One is reminded of this fact at Mr. J. E. Mill's well known furniture shop in Penrhyn-road, where there is a tempting display of down quilts, luxur- ious easy chairs, and brass goods for Christ- mas presents. Very appropriate gifts for boys and girls can be selected from the stock of 'useful writing requisites, book- cases, and bureaus. A photograph is always an acceptable present, but never more so than at this sea- son of the year—a season of tender senti- ments—and for this season we recommend our readers to visit the studio of Messrs. W, F. Booth and Co., in Abergele-road, where the work done is always marked by artistic taste. Mr. Frank Arundale, whose fine shop at Doughty Buildings, Conway-road, is always stocked with the best of good things, has shown great enterprise in his preparations for Christmas. He purchased the' major portion of his Christmas stock two months ago, and has had them fed on farms in this locality and in Anglesey, where the birds have been inspected weekly to note their progress. Mr. Arundale has therefore no need to depend on birds which have been knocked about in the rush of the big markets. The firm have prime turkeys and geese. In addition, Mr. Arundale has pur- chased from Colonel Gee, of Caerhun, Taly- cafri, two shoots of grand pheasants, and also two other shoots from local estates, in all nearly 2,000 brace, and these are being sold at extremely low prices in order to get a quick return. Such a stock must surely be the largest ever held by one retail dealer in this part of the country. It is advisable for customers to send in their orders with- out delay. In addition to the good things mentioned there is a grand stock of hares, ducks, and rabbits. As Christmas time approaches the diffi- culty of selecting that Christmas presents looms large on the horizon. There are hundreds ,,)f fancy goods in the shops, but you feel that something useful would give more lasting satisfaction and permanent pleasure, and should appeal at once to the head and heart at the same time. Well, we maintain that nothing could be more suitable or will prove more acceptable than a nice pair of slippers or cosy house shoes, fancy shoes, gaiters, or leggings; moreover, every day they wear them, their thoughts will natur- ally revert with grateful feelings towards the giver. For this among other reasons our readers would do well to call upon Mr. R. E. Lloyd, Convyay-road, whose fine stock has been carefully seltected with a view to Christmas giving. Like Colwyn Bay itself, the business of Messrs. Pryce Williams and Co., the well known provisioners, has grown by lAaps and bounds. Alike at West End Stores in Conway-road Ceylon Stores, Abergele- road Everard Stores at Rhos-on-Sea, and Devon Stores at Old Colwyn, mosit enter- prising .preparations have been made for the festiw season There is a fine display of Christmas fruit and fancy goods, and of bargains in the way of oranges, apples and other fruits. All the shops arc remarkable for their smart appearance. Housekeepers are asked to plac? their orders early, in view of the anticipated rush. Music hath charms, whether it comes from a Cathedral organ or a tin whistle. All kinds of instruments between these two ex- tremes are on view at the noted music stores of Mr. A. J. Fleet in Penrhyn-road, including a splendid colleotion of pianos by the principal makers, and the popular new hornless gramaphones. Volumes of new music also make acceptable Christmas gifts. Present hunters must inevitably find their way to the handsome estaJblishments of Messrs. Lewis and Thompson in Station- road. There they will find a large Christ- inas display of blouses, underskirts, golf coats, gloves, handkerchiefs, and all the latest novelties in made-up lace and fancy goods for personal adornment. The reputa- tion of this enterprising firm has stood the test of time, and with each succeeding Christmas their popularity with the public has become more firmly fixed. The charm- ing window display is always an attraction to passers-by, and at this season it is excep- tionally fine. All the newest goods in gents dressing gowns, travelling rugs, umbrellas, shirts, pyjamas, gloves, ties, socks, braces will be found in the stock marked at most reasonable prices. Messrs. Lewis and Thompson guarantee only the best quality, I and cordially invite inspection by the public, as they feel assured those who respond to their invitation will be so satisfied that they will go nowhere else to make their Christ- mas purchases. mas purchases.

Christmas at the Shops.J

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