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PENMAENMAWR. LICENSING.—At the Conway Police Court, on Monday, the full transfer of the licence of the Fa:ry Glen, Dwygyfylchi, was Iraosferred from Jane Parry to George Woodyatt. The application for the full transfer of the Grand Hotel from Joseph Skilbeek to Kemp-Gee was also granted. THE AUDIT.—The district auditor (Mr. William Griffith.) has reported to the Coun- cil on the audit of the accounts for the year ended 31st March, and certified as to their correctness. There was a deficiency in the district fund of r22 19s. 3d., and the re- eoverable arrears of the general district rate amounted to fio6 Igs. Sd. PROMENADE LIGHTING.—The Sur- vivor gave the Council on Tuesday a report of the cost of the installation and mainten- ance of the electric lighting on the Promen- ade, the total cost being £ 666 8s., including work which had not been completed, whilst the loan procured was for ^SS°- Th16 Chair- man explained that the first estimate did not include the lighting of the shelters which had been carried out. TEMPERANCE.—On Monday, Mr. Wm. Poole presided over a temperance meeting in the Tabernacle Welsh Congregational Chapel, when the Rev. D. Harris, pastor of Moriah Chapel, delivered a very inter- esting address KING EDWARD MEMORIAL. — The Council at their meeting on Tuesday, con- sidered resolutions passed by the County Committee relative to the proposed memorial to the late Kmg Edward VII. Mr. Chantrev who represented the Chairman on the Com- mittee, said that it was the intention, not to build costly sanatoria, but to educate the people to combat tuberculosis. The Chair- man said that no doubt every member was affected by the large number of cases of tuberculosis in North Wales, and he felt sure that the Council would join heartily in the movement. It was ultimately decided to refer th matter to 1JI Finance Committee for further consideration. ACCESS TO THE SEA SHORE.—The Council, on Tuesday, consideied a petition signed by 28 ratepayer asking the authority to consider the question of providing an access to the sea shore between the Gas Works and Cae Mawr railway crossing, adding that it '.vas a great draw back to the development of that part of the parish. The present crossing was most dangerous, and especially so to children. A member stated that the Councd had land on both sides, and the Chairman replied that the land on one side was quickly disappearing. On the motion of Mr. R. D. Jones, seconded by Mr. Thos. Roberts, the petition was referred to the Footpath and Estate Committee. NOTIFICATION OF TUBERCULOSIS. -At the meeting of the Council, on Tues- day, a long discussion ensued on the recom- mendation of a Committee that the recom- mendations of the Medical Officer of Health regarding the not;.ri,atiott of tuberculosis be adopted Dr. Travis was in attendance, and he gave an excellent explanation of the benefits which would derive to combat this dread disease. Roth medical members of the Council said they understood it was not compulsory notification, but voluntary, and in this the Medical Office- agreed. The Chairman, however, spoke against the adop- tion of the recommendations, which were put to the meeting, and carrifd by a major- ity of seven to two, the Chairman and Mr R D. Tones voting against it. INTERFERING WITH THE GOLFERS. --At a meeting of the Recreation Com- mittee, it was reported that Mr. Robt. Owen, Glyn Perkin, had interfered with the staff or the Golf Club on the links, and they decided to inform Mr. Owen of the com- plaint and to request him to send in his account for the rent of Tai Bach land. Mr. R. )3. Jones asked who brought this matter up, and the Survevor, amidst laughter, re- plied The Secretary of the Golf Club com- plained to the Surveyor of the Council. .\Ir. Hughes is both Surveyor and the Secre- tary of the Golf Club. THE TERRITORIALS—The annual sub- scribers shooting competition will be held on Wednesday evening, the 14th inst., in the Drill Hall. This competition is open to anv lady or gentleman who subscribes or presents prizes in kind to the company. The annual dinner and prize distribution wil' be held on Saturday, the 17th inst., the latter in the Oxford Hall, when General Lloyd and the staff will be present. All subscribers are cordially invited to attend the concert. All members_ must appear m full walking out dress, tunics and belts. ST. DAVID'S CHURCH.-At a meeting of the young people on Wednesday, a dis- V, tnnl- rfarf on The vse of tobacco cuss 10 a took p.ace on TT,1trWc is it beneficial or not?"' 'Messrs. W. Hughes (for) and T. H. Jones (against) opened the discussion. They were supp°rted by Mr If W. Jones and the Rev. W. R. Williams. Several spoke on the matter, and on a division it was passed as beneficial, ^ongs were rendered by Miss Rachel Jones and Mr. Thomas, and gramaphone selections were given by Mr. J. D. Lloyd, and a recita- tion bv Jane Ellen Jones. Mr. T. F. Evans acted as chairman A very pleasant evening was (passed. FOOTBALL.—The local team are still unbeaten. They beat Holyhead Reserve last Saturday by four goals to one. Next Saturday thay visit Llandudno Junction in ¡;aich of two points. MUTUAL IMPROVEMT NT SOCIETY. At the last meeting Mr. J. Parry, the pre- sident of the Society, read a paper on "The of fcrmativ.» iu'luenres in character." Dealing; more especially with national char- acter, he emphasised that mastery over en- vironment was the prime indication of the development of true character. The discussion which followed was marked by a spirit of freedom and can- didness, and gave rise to the question, amongst others, of the relation of character t. religion hi replying at the close of the discussion, Mr. Parry remarked upon the profitless use which is being made of many of the advantages at the disposal of the youth of to day The Daylight Saving Bill will be the topic for discussion at the next meeting The s»b}r»M will be introduced by Mr. Pritchard





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