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COLWYN BAY. MY SOLDIER BO\—The Colwyn Bay Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Societv, which is affiliated to the National Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Association, has evi- dently come to stav. The Societv has done good work since its inauguration, and will prove a boon to the town in providing capital entertainments during the dull winter months. Last night (Wednesday), at the Pier Pavilion, there was a good house to witness the per- formance of the farcical comedy, My Soldier Boy," by Alfred Maltbv and Frank Lindo. The acting was exceedingly good, and reflected great credit upon the excellent cast, which was as follows :—Montague Mendle, a solicitor, Mr. G. S. Butler Rush Captain Cecil Cullendar, Archie Allison, and Colonel Roscoe, 12th Hussars, Messrs. A. T. Wright, R. Mervyn Wood, and A. LI. Steven- son Jonas Toddenham, Mendle's step- father, Mr. George H. Heard Michael O'Doeherty, Cullendar's Orderlv, Mr. George Mason Lydia Mendle, Mendle's wife, Miss Doris Francis Mrs. Morrison, a business-like j woman. Mrs. Clegg Geraldine Morrison, her daughter, Miss G. Slater and Martha, Mendle's servant, Miss Mervyn Wood. Inci- dental music was given by the Colwvn Bay Orchestra. Mr. J. Mervyn Wood acted as stage manager, and the stage furniture was kindly lent by Messrs. Rhvdwen Jones & Davies, Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, and Llandudno. The Society has a capable Hon. Secretarv in Mr. H. E. Greenfield. WESTERN FILMS.—A visit to the Public Hall will convince an observer that Western films are the favourites of an audience. It matters not so much whether Indian stories, cowboy subjects, or Western dramas are portrayed, as long as they are Western, having the true colouring and atmosphere of the great silent West. Nor is this to be wondered at. Monday's programme included Western comedy, The Trimming of Para- dise Gulch Charles Reade's famous novel, Peg Woffington an English militarv drama, The Plans of the Fortress," &c. There is now an entire change of pictures every Thursday. To-night's programme in- cludes a powerful sea story, The Judgment of the Mighty Deep"; a Western drama, The Bandit's Wife an A B., The Marked Time Table a travel film. Views of Turin The Winning Punch," Smith won't get married," A quiet boarding house," Music hath charms," A birthHay present," and many other interesting and novel subjects. VOTES FOR WOMEN. -A successful monthly meeting of the local branch of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Socie- ties was held on Monday night at Cartmell's Cafe. Mr. Kettlewell presided, and Miss Kenyon and Dr. Blake took part in an in- teresting debate on Shall women have the vote;" Miss Kenyon moved the following resolution That this meeting believes it to be to the interests of the community at large that the Parliamentary Franchise should be granted to women on the same terms as it is or may be granted to men," and spoke for it in a well-thought-out paper from the standpoint of justice as chief among many reasons. Dr. Blake opposed it in an amusing and humorous paper, taking for her main text the favourite argument of the Anti-Suffragists that Men are men. and women are women." A discussion followed the papers, and several questions were asked and answered satisfactorily by the speakers. The resolution was carried without a dissen- tient. THE MIKADO. A statement shewing the receipts and payments in connection with the recent performances of the Mik- ado has been prepared by Mr. F. E. Schiele, honorary treasurer, and audited by Mr. G. L. Hansford, of Manchester. The total receipts amounted to il87 I Is. 6d. and the expendi- ture as follows :—Fees to professionals, /42 5s. orchestra and hire of pianos, £ 32 15s. 6d. Victoria Pier, £ 22 Is. Grand Theatre, £ 6 hire of room for rehearsal, /6 performing rights to Mrs. D'Oyly Carte and hire of orchestral parts, ^21 printing, stationery, and advertisements, /19 Is. 4d. costumes and fans, £ 17 Is. 3d. hire of scenery and petty cash expenses, per Secre- tary, /12 8s. 5d. stage assistants, gas, lime- light, cartage, and carriage, ^8 19s. total, /187 lis. 6d. Miss Lena Thomas, the organ- iser and honorary secretary of the opera, desires to extend her sincere thanks to the many friends who assisted her, particularly to Mr. F. E. Schiele for his valuable services as honorary treasurer and in rehearsing the music of the opera. Also Mr. Pryce Davies for his assistance at the performances. Taking into consideration the terrible weather experienced on the nights of the opera, the amount received shews clearly the keen appre- ciation of the public for the annual opera promoted by Miss Thomas, and the Mik- ado has been pronounced the most charm- ing of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas yet given in this town. RHIW-ROAD C.M. CHAPEL.—A very successful tea party was held at the School- room yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, and was followed by a most interesting lecture on Mission work on the Khassia Hills, in India," given by the Rev. John Jones. Mr. Pryce T. Williams presided. The Rev. John Jones, who is a pleasing speaker, and one? of the kindliest of men, laboured for about 35 years on the Khassia Mission Field, where lie did noble work. A SEASONABLE HINT.—The establish- ment of Messrs. Lewis & Thompson, Station- road, is an interesting one for ladies and gentlemen at this season of the year. For ties and socks there is no better place in town, and their gloves are second to none. There is a splendid display of shirts, pyjamas and fancy waiscoats, dressing gowns, travel- ling rugs and of umbrellas with up to date handles. For all the pretty electeras to complete ladies' dainty toilets there is no more favourite shop than theirs, 17, Station-road. Lace goods, handkerehiefs, and scarves are shown in endless variety. The most dainty of blouses, suitable for the most "dressy" occasion, may be chosen in all the newest styles ond colourings, and there is a good selection of underskirts and golf coats. Lewis & Thompson's gloves are famous for quality and good wear. Among other articles suitable for presents is the large selection of embroidered stockings, fancy belts, wrist bags and purses. Lace and embroiderd hand- kerchiefs are put up in pretty boxes rea"y for the post, and all kinds of collarettes, bows and ties for neckwear may be chosen.










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