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1 Motor Speed Limit at Conway I and Deganwy. LOCAL GOVERNMENT INQUIRY. On Friday, Mr. W. R. Maskell conducted a Local Government Board inquiry in the Guildhall, Conway, into the application of the County Council for a 10 mile motor speed limit along a number of streets in Conway, and also 111 Deganwy. Mr. J. T. Roberts, Celrk to the County Council, appeared in support of the applica- tion, which was opposed by Mr. Dean on behalf of the Royal Automobile Club and the North Wales Automobile Club, and Mr. Ellgood on behalf of the Motor Union. Among those present were the Mayor (Councillor Henry Jones), Alderman W. M. Sever, Councillors James Porter and J. E. Conway Jones, Rev. J. W. Roberts (Vicar), Dr. Griffiths and Dr. Hamilton (Deganwy), Dr. Fox (Secretary of the North Wales Automobile Club), Iessrs. L. W. Jelf Pettit (Chairman of the N.W.A. Club), Bradbury. (Berthlwyd). W. Hames, H. Eastwood, Fred J. Jones' and A. Mc Intyre; with the Bor- ough Engineer (Mr. F. A. Delamotte) and the Borough Accountant (Mr. Hugh Parry). At the outset it was stated that the gentle- men appearing in opposition could not be present for half an hour owing to a railway accident. A discussion ensued, in which Mr. J. T. Roberts said that upon his honour he would say that the roads scheduled were agreed to in September, iQOQ, by Mr. Dean. Mr. Jelf Pettit: That is not Mr. Dean's view. The usual preliminaries were gone through, and the Inspector adjourned the inquiry. On re-opening Mr. J. T. Roberts said he con-idercd it his duty to say that in Septem- ber, 1009, on the occasion of a similar in- quiry at Bettwsycoed, Mr. Dean agreed to the roads scheduled. He understood that Mr. Dean now said that he did not pledge the Motor Union on that occasion. He would say distinctly that Mr. Dean gave them to understand that the arrangement arrived at bound both clubs, because it would be useless to come to terms with one club and be opposed by the other. He traversed the statement of Mr. Dean. In order to have the speed limit in operation last summer, the County Council agreed to a short length at Deganwy. Mr. Dean replied at length as to what place at Bettwsycoed, stating that at the time they did not know what the appli- cation was, as it had not been advertised. They went very carefully over the roads and they said that on the Conwav side of the river, they would be prepared to agree to a limit within the walls and for a reasonable distance outside. There was, however, con. siderable doubt about Deganwy. The whole of the interview on that occasion was with- out prejudice. On behalf of the two Clubs he represented, he was prepared to say that he withdrew their opposition in regard to all streets on the Conway side of the river. Not having had an opportunity of submit- ting the Deganwy roads to his Committee, he had to oppose as he had no instructions. Mr. Ellgood adopted the same attitude on behalf of the Motor JUnion. In reply to Mr. J. T. Roberts, the Inspec- tor said he was not prepared to hear evi- dence with regard to the agreement come to in lqoq. Mr. F. A. Delamotte was called and ques- tioned a" to the road at Deganwy, which runs through the village. The road was only about 16 feet wide, and the traffic upon it was tremendous, all road traffic to Llan. dudno passing along it. There was a school immediately bordering on the road. People were either splashed in mud or the houses covered with dust, and there were numerous complaints as to the rate motors passed through. In his opinion a speed limit should be fixed on account of the congested traffic. Mr. W. Hamer, Deganwy, said the traffic was increasing every year, and it practically got on one's nerves. It was QUITE A DEATH TRAP along the road in the summer time. An accident took place there last year, when a lady was coming from Ty Mawr-road. Mr. fc Intyre, Secretary of the Town Im- provement Association, at Deganwy, said he thoroughly sympathised with motorist, as it was very difficult to judge the speed when in a car. This road should undoubtedly be submitted for a limit, and he should like to see it four miles only. Mr. H. Eastwood, a Conway motorist. said he had travelled along the road about twice a day for five years, and he certainly thought there should be a speed limit from the entrance to the Deganwy Castle Hotel to the level crossing. It was a very narrow road, and when there was heavy traffic on it. such as builders' carts, &c.. it was verv dangerous. Motorists very often had to hug the footpath to get by, and pedestrians usually got splashed with mud or dust, and thev were naturally very annoyed about it. When the children were coming out of school it was not at all safe to travel any- thing like 10 miles an hour in the summer. because when they were going jn the direc- tion of Llandudno, a blank wall hid the school from view. Dr. Hamilton, described it as a most dangerous road. He never went along it without a feeling of nervousness and anxiety. The number of motor cars which went along it was enormous in summer, and even at the week-ends in winter there were a large number of cars. Mr. Bradbury, Berthlwyd, another motor. ist, said he had lived at Deganwy five or six years. He was a member of the Motor Union, and he had come to give QUITE UNPREJUDICED EVIDENCE. He had toured Great Britain, and he most distinctly stated that this road at Deganwy should have a speed limit. Dr. Griffiths, Deganwy, agreed with All the evidence given, and added that the school children nearly all played in the road, and he had seen children practically under- neath cars, and he had witnessed three cases in which children would certainly be run over, but for the fact that the motors were travelling at about four miles per hour only. Councillor J. E. Conway Jones (Chairman of the Estate Committee of the Corporation) also gave evidence. This closed the applicants' case. In opposition, Mr. L. W. Jelf Pettit, Chairman of the North Wales Automobile Club, appeared in his official capacity, and gave evidence that the speed limit at Degan. wy was not necessary. After further evidence, the Inspector closed the inquiry, and promised to report to the Local Government Board in due course.

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