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Colwyn Bay Musical Season.


Llanrwst Board of Guardians.


Llanrwst Board of Guardians. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Tuesday, Mr. John Roberts, J.P. (Pertrevoelas), presiding. There were also present Mr. D. G. Jones (Vice-Chairman), Revs. J. Ll. Richards, Henry Jones and John Gower, Messrs John Hughes, O. Lloyd Jones, W. G. Jones, Edward Mills, E. P. Hughes, R. T. Ellis, Isaac Hughes, Matthew Roberts, Evan Roberts, Llew. G. Jones, John Owen, John Berry, J. O. D. Jones and Wm. Evans; with the Clerk (Mr. Thomas Hughes), the Relieving Officers (Messrs. O. Evans Jones and T. C. Roberts), and the Master (Mr. Edward Hughes). Mr. O. Evans Jones, Relieving Officer for the Llan- rwst district, reported having relieved 145 paupers at a cost of [110. Mr. T. C. Ro- berts, Relieving Officer for the Penmachno district, reported having relieved 124 paupers at a cost of ^68. The Master re- ported that there were 22 in the House as compared with 23 for the same period last year So vagrants were relieved as compared with 77 for the same period last year. The Master reported having visited Maenan in company with the Vice-Chairman, and they had purchased a quantity of timber for fire- wood at lOS. per ton. The action of the Master was confirmed. It was unanimously resolved that the inmates be grant- ed their usual Christmas dinner. Mr. Gower said there was a mat- ter arising out ot the minutes, namely, the resolution of the last Board to contribute 3 guineas towards the Pentrevoelas Nursing Association. He said that since that date he had had his eyes opened in the matter, a3 a fever had broken out at Dolwyddelen last summer, and had cost the Geirionydd Council over Cioo. He would much prefer paying an extra two guineas to the Pentre- voelas Association to encourage such institu- tion than that the district should be called upon to pay these large amounts to nurses brought over for these special cases. He moved that their contribution be five guineas instead of three guineas as passed at the last Board. Messrs Mills, Berry and D. G. Jones said they agreed with Mr. Gower's motion provided that the Llanrwst Nursing Associa- tion be granted a similar advance in their contribution. A heated discussion followed, and the original motion was lost by one vote. Mr. O. Evans Jones inquired if he was to pay those paupers who were intend- ing to avail themselves of the Old Age Pen- sions for the first week in January. His week finished on the third day of January, and the Old Age Pensions was payable on the 5th. There were two days elapsing be- tween the two payments. It was resolved that the Clerk write to the Local Govern- ment Board on the matter, and the Relieving Officer was instructed not to do anything until a reply was received from the Local Government Board. Mrs. Owen, Bryn Ynvr, wrote applying for permission to give the inmates a treat on New Year's day, and the application was granted with thanks. Mr. John Jones, Hendre, appeared before the Board with the boy, John Ellis Jones, who was boarded out with him. He agreed to keep the bov another year, giving him an advancc of £ 1 per annum

" His Pets Defeated."

...--.-.r--North Wales Travellers.

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