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St. Asaph Rural District Council.


St. Asaph Rural District Council. PROPOSED ISOLATION HOSPITAL. The monthly meeting was he!d last Friday, Mr. Lothian (vice-chairman), occupy- ing the chair. A discussion cropped tip in connection with the isolation hospital question, and it was reported that a movement was on foot for the formation of a Joint Hospital Board. Thejoint committtee at present having the matter in hand had met that morning-, and at the next meeting a certain motion would be brought forward. The Chairman asked whether that was all the enlightenment the Council were going to get on the subject that day. Mr Morgan said that the committe had that morning decided to apply to both Councils to empower them to take steps to erect a hospital at a cost not exceeding ^800. The Chairman said lie took it that the Council would See the plans of the proposed building before anything was settled. Mr. Morgan said that the committee felt it high time that some scheme was put into operation, and they wanted both Councils to gIN-e theiii power to tct in the matter. The Chairman—That is a big order. THE CENSUS. The Clerk repoited the receipt of cor- respondence in connection with the census which had been arranged to be made on April 2nd, 1911. In order that the work might be thoroughly done, the census authorities desired the assistance and co- operation of local authorities in seeming the services of efficient enumerators. That meant, said the Clerk, that he was to ask the Council to allow their officials to act in the matter. On the motion of Mr. LI. B. Evans, it was left to the Clerk to make what arrangements he thought fit. The Chairman of the Council (Mr. William Morris) was appointed to represent the Council on the governing body of the Uni- versity College of North Wales for 1911. A COMMON LODGING HOUSE. A letter was read from Mr. James Doherty asking the Council to register him as a keeper of a common lodging house at St. Asaph. Mr. Bell asked whether it was desirable to have a lodging house of this kind at St. Asaph. The Chairman replied in the affirmative, and added that if anyone doubted his state- ment, he or she had only to keep an eye on the number of labouring men passing through the city from one place to another. The casual wards at the Workhouse were often overcrowded because no other accommoda- tion could be found by these people. The Medical Officer of Health said that he and another official had paid a visit to Mr. Doherty's premises, and he was bound to say that they were by no means first-class. At the same time he admitted that they could not expect very elaborate premises for such a purpose. The Chairman said the applicant was the son-in-law of the late lodging house keeper, who died a month ago, and he thought he was a mail quite fit to be registered. The lady who owned the premises had gone to great expense during the past year in putting up new rooms, &c. The Medical Officer of Health pointed out that the law required a common lodging keeper to reserve at least one room for his or her exclusive use, and from what he had seen of Mr Doherty's arrangements one room used by lodgers would have to be taken from them. It was decided, before granting the appli- cation, to await a further report upon the premises. DISEASE-CARRYING RATS. Circular letters were read from the Local Government Board, calling attention to regulations as to food and to measures for dealing with the plague and for destroying rats. On it being questioned whether there was any occasion for the Council to take notice of any of these matters, Mr. Bell said he wished the Government would not only give directions for the destruction of rats, but assist them financially in the matter. There were more of these disease-spreading creatures about than many people thought, and they ought to be got rid of. Mr. W. S. Roberts: Classify them with the game, and then they will soon be got rid of (Laughter.) A DANGEROUS CORNER. The Clerk reported that he had been in communication with the County Council on the subject of improving the sharp and dangerous corner at the junction of Lower- street with Elwy Bridge. He had informed the County Council that the Rural District Council would contribute ,io towards the cost of the improvement if a similar sum was forthcoming from the County funds. So far he had merely had an acknowledgement of that intimation. MILK AND CLEANLINESS. Dealing with the dairies and cowsheds of the districts, the Sanitary Surveyor reported that some of the milk sold from the dairies during the past month was found to contain an excessive amount of dirt and other ex- traneous matter. In each case the attention of the dairyman concerned was drawn to the offence, and a warning given that it must not occur again.

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