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The Crystal Goblet I

The Chancellor.


Liberal Enthusiasm at Conway.


Carnarvon Boroughs.

IAmusing Election at the 'Varsity.


Amusing Election at the 'Varsity. SOCIALISTS ONE-VOTE MAJORITY. POLICE AND rHE t; SUFFRA- GETTES." During recent years it has been the custom of the College Literary Society to end its Parliamentary Session with a mock election. Great interest was aroused this year on account of the three-cornered contest. The election took place last Friday night, when the two secretaiies, Mr. Rhys Morris and Miss Elwy Hughes, presided, in the absence of the chairman at the Aberystwyth capping ceremony. Additional zest was added to the proceedings owing to the presence of the Suffragettes "—that is to say, four male students wearing female attire, and espec- ially conspicuous during the meeting, not only by their red-noses, but also by the sel. ect music of the tin-whistle and concertina to the accompaniment of which they chanted the refrain of votes for women. Their melody was particularly prominent when a speech was being made-,and the poor Con- servative candidate was literally gagged with Votes for Women every time he essayed to speak. The law of the land was repre- sented by an individual in a constable's uniform and helmet, who was also dis- tinguished by a paiticularly red nose. On one occasion the £ < force turned out the Suffragettes, but unfortunately one of the > £ ladies" skirts became unloosened during the eviction and disclosed to view a highly attractive pair of trousers, which the "force" was evidently struggling to prevent some. thing--probablv a pillow—from slipping down between his coat and his chest. The Liberal candidate, Mr. Iliggins, was pro- posed and seconded, after which he expound- ed his political vi?.ws. Mr. Evans, the Socialist candidate, having been also pro- posed and secondf-d, made a brief speech. While Mr. Leonard Owen, after being pro. posed and seconded, wis making his elec. tion address, the Suffragette returned, and .all was confusion again. Attempts were made to evict them, "and those behind cried forward, and those before cried back," but the police were evidently—to judge by sundry sly .vinks—in league with the ladies," and they won the day. Perching themselves on the elevated benches at the end of the room they interrupted to their hearts content until the end of the meeting. The ballot was as follows — Mr. Evans ^Socialist) 87 Mr. Higgins (Liberal) 86 Mr. Leon. Owen (Conservative) 47

I...--.--.... Billiards Extraordinary.

The Princes of Aberffraw.

Duke of Westminster and Flintshire…

Liberal Enthusiasm at Conway.