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The Crystal Goblet I

The Chancellor.


Liberal Enthusiasm at Conway.


Carnarvon Boroughs.

IAmusing Election at the 'Varsity.

I...--.--.... Billiards Extraordinary.

The Princes of Aberffraw.

Duke of Westminster and Flintshire…

Liberal Enthusiasm at Conway.


in this country, and they knew what it was. After giving examples of Tariff Reform in his own native county of Montgomery, the speaker at the top of his voice said Tariff Reform is damned by its parents." (Loud applause.) He now came to the question of the House of Lords with infinite delight. He had been boiling to get at them for the last 30 years. Without more information on the subject, he could not say that he was a Single Chamber man, but his mmd was quite open. He was perfectly certain he did not believe in a Second Chamber as it was He compared the hereditary principle to a racehorse. He (the speaker) had sense enough to know the difference between a blood horse, a cart horse, and a Welsh pony, and he knew that the one did not beget the other. But when anybody told him that the principle of hereditary government could be defended on the principle of hereditary, as they found in the racehorse, he should like to know something about the first horse. (Laughter.) How many races did he win? (Renewed laughter.) The House of Lords had never been based on services to the State. Taking the thing upon the whole, it was not true that the first horse was any- thing but a wooden legged one. (Loud laughter.) When Queen Elizabeth died there were 59 peers of the realm, and mere family connection stood for nothing. When James came he made the number no. He deliberately sold peerages. He (the speaker) could not trust himself. It would be in- decent to tell the truth, and those were the men who said that by birth they were the' people to legislate. Out of 600 peers, no sane man would say that there were more than twenty clever people. It was usually stated that boys inherited the qualit'es of the mother, and girls the qualities of the father. If so, what about the sons of Peers who married ballet girls, and what about the daughters? He wondered whether the young Duke would take after his father or the ballet girl. Those were the facts-facts which were not pleasant to state. If they called any lord John Jones in this country he would be ruined, but if they called John Jones a lord they would fall down and wor- ship him. ^Laughter.) Referring to land- lords, the speaker said that he was able to do a miracle, he would create three million acres of land, plant it down in the sea ad- joining North Wales, and swamp all the blessed landlords in a moment. The Lords said they put a brake on the wheel. The brake was an admirable arrangement when going down hill but it was cruel if it was put on in going up. He was near seventy years of age, and he had never known the Lords put the brake on when they were going down, but always when they tried for something nobler, higher and just. There never was a theory so false that certain families were born superior to other families. All the genius of the world came from the village, exactly the place where they least expected it. The brains of the country were with the middle and lower classes. All the editors of newspapers in England, doctors, lawyers, inventors, &c., are of the middle classes. They could .áI what they liked, but the day had come when the many were not going to work to make the few into millionaiies. (Hear, hear.) The great heart of humanity was rising, and the best way to incaease the volume of the wave was to send Lloyd George back to Westminster. (Loud cheers.) The resolution was put to the meeting, and carried with acclamation, there being not a single dissentient. On the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by the Rev. William Edwards, a heaity vote of thanks was accorded the speakers.