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The Crystal Goblet I

The Chancellor.


Liberal Enthusiasm at Conway.



AST 0 14 Ult TEPTM GOODS TO THE VALUE OF 15 deposit weekly payment, 116 910 30/ 216 £ 15 45/ 3/6 920 60/ 41- 925 15/ ,,4/8 AS 5 MANGLES I WICKER CHAIR 1 Any amount pro rata last Item. S BPAS B 4T ZiCIV-,5 REVERSIBLE. CU5MIOf^JB DISCOUNT TERMS. H^«PPED. WEIQMT'g^CVVJS I 7 per cent, for settlement within weeks I 5 per weeks I 2i cent. for settlement within 6 months from delivery V' AFTERWARDS. 'V And 5 per cent. intmlst on overdue + IL accounts f" M!"t'! '"MU MtrwuMMMn \<6 V mTtmuTt 10 per cent. 01> deposIt aDd 2 per GlInt oø reaaaIDder J It settled t months 01 It per bol. It "tu" In 8 mOAths.. P8J' sent 011 wllole It eettled In moutlls ZI per cent OR ",IIole aeownt. It in 12 1D0ntbs NOD allowed except LAC.K LOUIS CABIliET. ihWIVE 7Prtil64 WITH 4 ITGYLE HALL SIAnt) BEVELLED SHAPED MIRRORB N ANO CHINA CUPBOARD, IN PUMFDOAK ^ESTIMATES FREE^ ASTON & SON L T R F-XTIAM CHI E ST E R 0-5 \fV EST-RYi,. WHITCHURCH,SikLOP, VVOLVERHAMPTON, SHREWSBURY, DE,NBIGH, NEV%fTOWN,mOrliT. -CARNARVON WELLI LLANIDLOES'

Carnarvon Boroughs.

IAmusing Election at the 'Varsity.

I...--.--.... Billiards Extraordinary.

The Princes of Aberffraw.

Duke of Westminster and Flintshire…

Liberal Enthusiasm at Conway.