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Money. ARE YOU requiring a prompt and strictly private advance of £ 10 or upwards? Then I invite you te write to me, in strict confidence. You can rely on being treated in an honourable and straightforward man- ner, and upon teims, &c., being arranged to your satisfaction.—Apply to F. W. Hughes, Silverdale," 63, Kingswood-road, Moseley, Birmingham. MONEY LENT AT SHORT NOTICE. Advances of large or small amounts (from Lio upwards) granted without delay on promissory note only. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. MODERATE TERMS. NO APPLICATION FEES. BUSINESS CONDUCTED STRAIGHTFORWARDLY. Full information supplied, either person- ally or by post, free of cost, and all enquir- ies treated with confidence. Repayments arranged to suit borrowers' convenience. Apply to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 3, Crescent Road, RHYL. Established 1870. 54 YOUJtCAN NEVER BEAT THIS. T fl Tn f e rwi Lent Daily on these Terms TO j £ ,5,000 for agreed periods. Zio repay ;610 10 o. £30 repay .£31 10 o. £15 -f 15 IS 0. Z50 Z52 10 o. £30 It .£21 0 o. £ \oo zlo5 0 o. £25 .£26 5 O..£200 .£;no o o No Sureties. No Delay. No Publicity. Special attention to Applicants from this District. Actual Lender CHARLES PAIKIN, (No Touts.) aip, Brunswick St., Oxford Rd., MANCHESTER. and 6%. Market Street, MANCHESTER. S47a MONEY LENT PRIVATELY From Lio to £1000. On NOTE OF HAND ONLY, at the following rates for agreed periods:— Loan. Repay. Loan. Repay. 2 i S. d. I l s. d. 10 10 5 0 50 51 5 0 20 20 10 0 100 102 10 0 30 30 15 0 I 1000 1025 0 0 Small repayments accepted by arrangement or it desired the advance can remain out by paying Interest half-yearly. Distance no object. Can be seen personally daily in North Wales for interviews by appointment. Existing Loans paid off and larger advances made at much lower Interest. Strict privacy guaranteed, whether business done or not. If inconvenient to call apply by letter, as business can be arranged by post. You will avoid paying. extortionate interest and heavy repay- meats above your means, by applying to 16, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. 878. THE NATIONAL ADVANCE AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY, LTD. IS]"expressly Established and Registered pursuant to Act ot Parliament, to make private advances without Loan Office formalities, to all Classes (Male o. Female), FROM aBlO TO £1000 ON SIMPLE WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY. for any immediate need or private use to Start in Business. to Furnish your House, to Buy Stock when the Market is Low, to Pay Rent or Rates. Cash sent by post, if desired. You can get money privately here, as interviews are unnecessary, and references are not re- quired. Genuine Applications never refused. The advance can be paid back by monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly instaknents or, if desired, the advance can remain out up to five years by paying interest only. Distance no object. Interest and Repayments lowest in England and Wales. Strict privacy and straitghtforward dealing's guaranteed. Borrowers paying extorationate interest elsewhere are requested to apply to us, when existing loans can be paid off, and larger advances made at much tower raates of interest. It will cost nothing to enquire, but my save you pounds, by applying in strict confidence, in English or Welsh, for our free prospectus, to THE NATIONAL ADVANCE AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY, LTD., 41, CORPORATION STREET, Manchester. Estab. 1887 Nat. Telephone, 437oya City or to ouJ North Wales District Offices: 10, DEAN-STREET, BANGOR, and 16, Queen Street, Wrexham. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. Money Lent Privately In laige or small sums (not less than £10), ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. ESTABLISHED NEARLY FORTY YEARS ARE NOW LENDING UPWARDS OF £ 70,000 ANNUALLY. For Prospectus and Terms apply or write to:- GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 3, Crescent Road, RHYL. N.B.—The above firm have received un- solicited letters of thanks from hundreds of borrowers. Extracts (without writer's name) from more than £,300 of such letters have been printed in pamphlets issued annually for the last ten years. Specimen copies of these may be had, post free, on application. 282 MONEY. THE Old-Establisiied PROVINCIAL UNION BANK continues to LEND im- mense sums daily, from £ 10 to 65,000, on Note of Hand alone, or other security, at short notice, to all classes in any part of England and Wales, repayable by easy in. j staimenits. No good application is ever re-1 fused. All communications strictly private. No office inquiry charges whatever. Moderate interest. Special rates for short period. The largest, best-known, and most honourably conducted business in the Kingdom. Thousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transactions with us. If desired, one of our officials will attend at your residence, at once, with cash, and carry out the advance THERE AND THEN. Call, or write (in confidence) to the Manager, MR. G. K. HOWE, 54, LONDON ROAD, LEICESTER. [i66a Your Attention is Invited. I LEND 4io to £ to,000 to all classes. I LEND quickly, reasonably, and confidentially. I LEND honourably and straightforwardly. I LEND to persons entitled under Wills, etc. I LEND without formalities or fancy fees. I LEND to suit your own requirements. I LEND on simple note of band alone. I LEND the full amount required. I LEND any distance. MR. G. CUMMINGS, 28. HIGH ST. (facing New Street), BIRMINGHAM. CASH ADVANCES Zio to Zi,ooo. ALL respectable. Persons who are short of money are invited to write to a Private Gentleman, who will treat your application in the Strictest Privacy. The Cash can be advanced at your own house if desired, or the business transacted by post. Loans completed promptly without Fees, Fuss or Loan orffice formalities. Unfailing courtesy and reasonable charges can be relied upon. Repayments arranged to suit your convenience. Write for terms in confidence to D. KERMAN, ag, Corporation-street. Manchester. Z4 MONEY LENT PRIVATELY, Zio to £5000. SHORT DATE LOANS-SPECIAL TERMS. £ ;G :s. d. 4 s. d. 10 repay n 5 o 30 repay 33 15 o 20 •• 22 10 o 50 56 S o Call or write to the well-known Financier— W. JACKSON, Regent House, Mostyn-street, Llandudno. 304 LOANS by POST, £ 5 to £ 500 on OWN PROMISSORY NOTE to all Classes. Transactions arranged by POST. Moderate interest.—R. MORGAN, 53, Old London-road, Hastings. 588I31 For Best Household and Steam COALS TRY W. J. HARRIS COAL MERCHANT, CONWAY. „ EVANS' CELEBRATED LLANDUDNO TOFFEE, obtainable from leading confec- tioneers or direct from manufacturer, Mostyn Av.enue, Llandudno. Tel. ny. 1107

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