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Football Chips.


Football Chips. The North Wales Weekly Neivs. ertificafe of 1erif. hereby declare that the best performance of the week was that done by Colwyn Bay, who on Saturday at Llandudno, defeated the up to then undefeated Llandudno /Imateurs in the replayed Coast Senior Cup tie by 2 goals to nil, and hereby award them my Certificate of Merit. (Signed) VIGILANT Dec. 9th, 1910. A bright tenor voice from Colwyn Bay was heard to sing between Llandudno and the Bay on Saturday evening:- La bah se I ah La bah se lassah! Dora Bella, Dora Bella. Chink, chink,a chink a Colwyn Bay ydi'r ola, Y Gora, Y Gora. Y GORA! The chorus was overwhelming. What lungs What enthusiasm. How the postal authorities chimed in. What vigoui Such a change from the quiet manner in which the Bayites entered Llandudno. How poor "• Vigilant was besieged, and told how to report. Give us a !air report," yelled one enthusiast with gold-rimmed spectacles. I might have been an election candidate the manner of the mob was so excited. What 'price a (full-sized ground now," said the ever-giccn Tom McCann. My reply is, while I give the Bay ever credit for their win, the Gulls caught the Cormorants on an off day. The sides meet twice again in the League, and I am willing to stake my reputation as a prophet that Colwyn Bay will not repeat the fine performance of Sat- urday. To Tom McCann and his team my best wishes and congratulations upon win- ning the Certificate of merit, which will undoubtedly prove the best of the whole se-tson. That Uncle Lloyd, of Conway, was an interested spectator. That many shouts were levelled at the Amateurs relating to hot-pot, of which they partook on the Thursday evening at Payne's Dorothy Cafe. That the event was a rollicking success. That however good the hot-pot was, the 'Chers did not relish the Colwyn Bay stew. That I never saw the 'Chers so lacking in vim. That Carnarvon will take heait for next Saturday. That here is the chance for Llandudno to win back the old love of the spectators somewhat. That it is possible the 'Chers will make up for last Saturday's effeteness by beating the Canaries. That all the same the cup which Colwyn Bay are in for is my favourite. There is money in it. That Hallwood in goal for Colwyn Bay was in his very best mood, and was smart and clever. That David Roberts looked a Hercules, and played as one. That O. E. Williams gave glimpses of his past good form, and took the win in a philosophic way. That I wish to tell all my Colwyn Bay critics that I always report a match on its merits. That I am not one of those who shout with the largest crowd That Ned Griffiths--d&r old Ned—played one of his best games. That Tom McCann was Tom in excelsis. Sure, prompt, and clean in all his work. You deserve a special certificate, Tom, for your ideal sportsmanship. That I was glad to see Harold Pearson congratulate you, Tom, upon your victory. That Dick Rowlands was in great form. He is one of the most consistent players on the Coast. That Tucker as outside right was splendid. That Southern was a capital partner. That Phillips was perfect as a pivot. That Stanley Hughes and Norman Prit- chard made a good left wing. That the dogged determination of "Stan" and the spruceness and slippery evasive tactics of little Norman Pritchard made up a good front rank. That there was not a weak spot in the Gulls. That StalLard was capital in goal, and was unblamable for the two goals. That John Henry Jones was off form, and his mistake cost a goal, and he never seem- ed to retrieve from it. That Ben Morris worked hard, and was the best back of thp two. That Jack Browney was dead off. That Tom Johnson was ditto. That Harold Pearson was the best of the trio. That Johnny Williams was out of form. That Dan Time Coleman Davies was the best of the forwards. That Cleeve was never weaker. That Bob Davies and Jimmy Williams did their best, which was not much. That we will draw the curtain over the match, and ring it up on Saturday again for the Carnarvon event. Will there be a La ba seh lah "? I wonder then. That the unbeaten Holyhead Reserves re- ceived their first defeat on Saturday. That it was Penmaenmawr who adminis- tered the check. That it was a hard pill for the young Sealarks to swallow. That Penmaenmawr is to be heartily con- gratulated upon their season's work up-to- date. That I am of opinion that the young" Sealarks are a better side than the seniors. That Bangor Combination got beaten by the odd goal in seven at Whitchurch 'on Saturday. That the 'Varsity pivot, Wright, accom- panied the Homers. That the quality of the Combination play is much below what it was. That a Combination victory now has not that electric influence once known. That Pwllheli maintained their reputation of losing on Saturday. That the Penguins were without Ben Evans at Bangor. That a defeat of 4-0 damps the ardour of the Penguins That Blaenau Festiniog have not been beaten on their own ground. That they polished off the Roosters with a 1-0 victory on Saturday. That special attention is called to Inigo's remarks in his report of the match about the disgusting language of some of the spectators. That one individual ought to be brought before the Council of the Football Associa- tion. That such Hooligans must be kept away from besmirching the fair name of the game. That unfortunately Festiniog is not the only place where hooliganism is to Le seen. It must be stamped out. That I hope Mi. Morris, whom we well know, will move in Festiniog to have the desired effect. That Glasinfryn rubbed it into the Colwyn Bay Celts by 8-1. Nuff sed! That the Menai Bridge Petrels sustained another defeat at home on Saturday. Poor Petrels. Wait till the New Year comes in with new resolutions and hopes. That "Robin Ilood of Llandudno Junc- tion has a greivance that I don't attend some of the Rooks matches. That he argues because I live in the June. tion I should call the Rooks my team. That I wish the Rooks every success, and have done so all along. That "Robin Hood" seems to gloat over "my pets" (Llandudno) downfall on Satur- day. That he sipposes my excuse for that will be this and that. That I have no excuse save that the best team on the day won. That "Robin Hood" is no more a Junction man than myself. That he hails from Holyhead, and I from I.landudno. That the cream of Coast Football was seen at Llandudno in the days of the Swifts and I have a natural affection for the team in the place of my birth. That to have pets or favourites is in the eyes of some people a crime. Poor deluded souls. That Councillor Purdy was in high glee on Saturday. He is a good sport, and is not above being criticised. Some people are. That the Certificate of Merit is being much admired Dy my readers. That a list of the subscribers will appear in our next issue to the Fred W. Jones testi. monial fund. That the delay in closing the fund is caused through a couple of books not yet being called in. That the fund will close this week. That some who have (promised and not fulfilled can do so at once.

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