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Next Saturday's Fixtures.

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LLANDUDNO JUNCTION v. LLANBERIS. THE ROOKS AGAIN VICTORIOUS! At Llandudno Junction, on Saturday, the return match between these rivals was played. The following were the teams under the charge of Mr. J. B. Iorgan:- Llandudno Junction: Joe Hughes; T. Jones and 0. Ellis W. Evans, R. W. Ro- berts, and W. Brookes Evans; W. E. Griffiths, J. R. Jones, W. G. Jones, S. Parry, and E. Parry in the centre. Llanberis: Daniels Bob Lloyd and O. Morris; Dan Roberts, W. Pritchard, and T. H. Thomas; H. Lloyd, J. Hughes, Buck, E. Lloyd Hughes, and D. Hughes. The Junction defended the goal nearest Marl, and in the first minutes of the game they had run up in combined order, and Daniels was called upon to stop a hot one from E. Parry's toe, which he did in a very clever (manner. In a rice after Daniels was called upon, but the ball found the net, the Referee whistling for E. Parry off- side. The Jtyame defence was now upon its mettle, O. Ellis clearing well from a free kick awarded to Llanberis. R. W. Roberts scored the goal of the match in fine style, beating Daniels all to pieces. Soon afterwards Daniels was on his knees saving, and a ruck of players around him. He had saved the shot, but he was now hugging the ball, but he only managed to get the ball away by conceding a corner. Joe Hughes at the other end was called upon to handle a difficult shot, which he did in a most masterly fashion, and in his clearance he was injured by one of the opposing forwards. In a twinkling the Tunctionites were at the other end, and J. R. Jones put on number two with a shot which Daniels had no chance to save. The Junction backs were in difficulties, J. Hughes running out and kicking clear. Ernest Parry had a nice run, and a good try for goal, but the Llanberis custodian cleared. The boys in white were now pressing hard, and Llanberis were soon put to when Tom Tones, the home full back, receiving the ball from the left, sent in a terrific shot, which completely beat Daniels. Half time Junction, ? Llanberis, o. After coffee the game was resumed, and the Junction at once pressed. Llanberis got going now, and the referee awarded a penalty against one of the home backs. Buck, the Llanberis, centre half, was en- trusted with the kick, and he banged the ball against the upright, and although he placed it in the net by meeting the rebound the referee promptly disallowed the score. By this narrow escape, the boys started to waken themselves up, and raced away, and E. Parry, receiving a neat pass from the right, had no difficulty in registering No. 4. Again the boys attacked, and pressing hard on the backs, but again they were re- pelled, and E. Parry, evading a very clever movement, in which all of the Junction for- wards took part in combined order, scored with No. 5. Buck ran through all opposi- tion, and easily scored for Llanberis. Weak play on the part of the Junction half backs let in the right wing of "he onnosing team, when H. Lloyd, centreing neatly and H. LI. Hughes heading the ball into the net, which gave Joe no earthlv chance, thus registering No. 2 for Hanberis.. Final: Llandudno Junction, 5 Llanberis, 2. < COMMENTS. For the losers, Daniels played well in goal. Some of his clearances were a treat to watch. He had plenty to do, and he did it well. With the goals that passed him he had no chance. The backs are not very safe. The haLf backs played well, especial- ly the centre half, Buck, who played a fine game, but was inclined to be dirty. The for- wards came without their shooting boots. They came several times within short range for shooting, but always failed too excited, kicking the ball anywhere beside the goal. Steady yourselves in front of goal if you want to notch some goals. For the winners, Joe Hughes is a cap- able custodian, and when called upon to take Gillett's place on Saturday he did so vetry willingly. He (sttopped one or two teasers. He does it in a very clever fashion. Bravo, Joe! The backs, Tom Jones and O. Ellis, always play a good game, very reliable, and Tom had the honour of scor- ing No. 3. Well done. Tom but I don't like to see you leaving your place and go- ing amongst the forwards. Stick to your post, Tom. It's these sudden breakaways through which the opposing team scores with. The half backs played a good game. R. W. Roberts (captain) was in fine form. He scored the first goal. W. Evans was in fine tackling form, and his tackling was a treat to watch. Brookes in his new role as left half is a good tackier, and he'll do a half-back all right. His feeding of the forwards and his judicious passing was a treat to watch, and I am hoping that Brookes will turn out to be a good half. He can do it, and he knows the way how Of the forwards, Griffith and T. R. were a good wing, and their neat passing and cross centres were a treat to watch. S. Parry and W. G. Jones were both triers all the way, and Jones at times sent some stingers which Daniels more than once had difficulty in clearing. E. Parry played a nice, clean game, and he had the satisfaction of scor- ing two of the goals. Our forwards play a much improved game when E. Parry is with them, and I venture to predict that there is not a team on the Coast that will heat them if they will keep together. Parry's dribbling and neat ipasses were delightful, and he kept his forwards continually on the go. Bravo, Ernest I have a bone to pick with Vigilant." Why does he not come and see the Rooks play and give us one of his special re- ports ?

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