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....-.r. North Wales Coast…


.r. North Wales Coast Senior Cup. {REPLAYED TIE.) LLANDUDNO AMATEURS v. COLWYN BAY. SMART VICTORY OF THE GULLS! COLLAPSE OF THE CORMORANTS! (BY VIGILANT.") The fine run of successes which has at- tended the 'Chers was ruthlessly broken and brought to an end on Saturday, and Col- wyn Bay did the trick. From the Llan. dudno standpoint the event was a keen dis- appointment to the 'Chers' supporters, whilst from the Colwyn Bay view the vic- tory was the cause of natural joy, for the performance of taking down the 'Chers was a brilliant one, and won by merit. Time was when I tired of seeing the lackadisical displays of these rivals in League encoun- ters, but the display of Colwyn Bay on Saturday was one of the brightest and go- ahead I have ever seen. Whatever ailed Llandudno I do not profess to know, but Colwyn Bay were all over the 'Chers for about seventy of the ninety minutes played. The effeteness of LLandudno reminded me of the rabbit, who, knowing the weasel was chasing her, could not move, but was was transmogrified, and was ultimately de- voured by fthe weasel. And so the Ama- teurs' hopes of winning the cup are dashed to the ground. Farewell, farewell, my own true love." Colwyn Bay, if they can maintain the effervescing, crisp, and dash- ing form of Saturday, will go well in the Cup tournament, and it is not too much to think it possible that the Gulls may lift the Cup. Certain it is, now that Llandudno's chance has been stolen by Colwyn Bay, the Cormorants will wish" the Gulls every suc- cess in their future encounters. GOOD MANAGEMENT. I must congratulate the Committee upon the improvements effected upon the ground. The stand having been covered is a source of much convenience, and has been nicely painted a dark green. A mast and flag has also been added, and lends a touch of gaiety to the scene. Further, the view of the 11 crows who steal views of matches without paying for them has at last been obscured by some capital canvas. The crowd was a large one, considering the un-, propitious elements, the sum realised being over £10. I did not think the Colwyn Bay following was so large as I expected, seeing it was a replay, and that we were going to see what we did see. PHILLIPS' CLEVER GOAL The teams were, with one exception in the Colwyn Bay front line, the same as appeared in the first match a fortnight pre- vious. Tucker was outside right, and G. P. Hughes was given a Test as inside left. The sides looked well as they appeared on the ground to encouraging shouts of their respective supporters. Tom McCann won the toss, and elected to play against a con- siderable breeze. Cleeve kicked off amidst excitement, and the, opening exchanges were in favour of the Connor ants, who, aided by the wind, kept the Gulls in their own quarters. Still the Gulls showed excellent defence, and the display of the home lot was lacking in incisiveness and combination. The Gulls, on the other hand, showed grim earnestness, and set about their work in a businesslike manner. Whenever the Gulls got going they were off for goal. During a spell of pressure on the Colwyn Bay goal a smart return was made, and John Henry Jones missed his kick. Phillips was near him, and seized the opportunity like a dart, and flew awav with the ball towards Stal- lard, who was beaten to the world by a fine shot. Much cheering greeted the clever performance from the Gull admirers, and dismay reigned amongst the home support- ers. Such a contingency was never looked for. At any rate, the event was just the tonic for the Bavites to redouble their efforts. Llandudno were not able to do anything right. Their display was anything but worthy of other days. And yet, more misfortune was to follow. Ere long the Gulls got another goal. Ben Morris tried to clear the ball just on the goal line, when it was netted. The wildest joy reigned amongst the Baviites. They were the first team to check the triumphant progress of Llandudno, and were not the Gulls the first team to score against Llandudno in a cup- tie? As Fidelis said before the match, If Colwyn Bay can score two goals against Llandudno they deserve a Certificate of Merit, whether they win or not." Ah! little did my journalistic colleague think that his jesting words about the improbable should become a reality. And so when half time arrived the Gulls were leading. Colwyn Bay, 2 Llandudno, o LLANDUDNO IMPROVE TOO LATE! Some wag-I think it was Father Owen, of the Oxford Hotel—dropped the flag half mast, and the deed was an ominous one. There seemed to be a feeling pervading the Llandudno supporters that Llandudno's op- portunity had been and gone. I know not when the 'Chers will rise to an occasion and play the swinging game in cup-ties. The carpet-weaving small passing is totally unfit for such an occasion. Let us have a little of the West Bromwich bang about the affair. Rush and bustle is the game for Coast cup- ties, and Colwyn Bay had learnt that lesson. The Llandudno goal had a narrow soueak from falling on one occasion, and it was marvellous how it escaped. On the other hand, Llandudno improved in their tactics in the second half, particularly towards the close of the game, but luck was dead against the 'Chers. Hallwood saved one or two spanking shots, and a couple of splendid centres of Jimmy Williams's right across the goal mouth went a-begging. The homesters had very hard lines on several occasions, and now and again it looked possible that a draw might accrue. But it never came. And Colwyn Bay deservedly won by the meritorious score of 2-0. I con- gratulate the Gulls upon their performance, of which they are naturally proud. Final: Colwyn Bay, 2; Llandudno, o.




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