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I ——-IColwyn Bay Ratepayers'…


—— Colwyn Bay Ratepayers' Association. The second statuory meeting of the Colwyn Bay and District Ratepayers' Association was held on Tuesday evening in the Lecture Hall, Colwyn Bay. The Chairman of the Associa- tion, Mr H. J. Marsden. presided over a fair attendance, which included Councillors George Bevan, Edward Allen, and William Greenfield. The Chairman referred to the loss to the Association by the death of Mr Marsan, who who was the means of bringing a large number of persons to join the Association. It was most distressing that he should be taken away so soon, and he moved a vote of condolence with the family in their bereavement. The vote was passed by all upstanding. The Chairman referred to the Town's Financial Statement, which had appeared in the Weekly News, and which he said shewed that the town was going further into debt than out of it. The question was how were these debts to be met ? They were told in the last meeting of the Ratepayer's Association that rates would not go up, but, according to the balance-sheet they were in a very much worse condition. He thought the comments of the Local Government Board on the balance-sheet would prove very interesting reading. (Laughter). If Mr Bevan could explain how they were going to get out of the difficulty he should be very glad to know. (Hear, hear). They were going from bad to worse, and he (the speaker) could see no prospect of getting out of the difficulty unless they levied a special rate. Mr Slater read a few questions to Mr I Bevan, and the Chairman spoke of alleged favours upon Assessment Committees, and I argued that the Ratepayers' Association desired to be constructive and not destructive. (Hear, hear). Mr S. T. Frost, of Rhos-on-Sea, spoke, and said the administration of local affairs left much to be desired, and they should look out for men to represent them uncontaminated by influences. He also advocated a revaluation in Colwyn Bay, and a reduction of the salaries of the District Council officials. Mr Allen asked Mr Frost if he realised what the re-valuation of Colwyn Bay would mean. He (the speaker) agreed with the principle, but it should apply to the whole county, and not to Colwyn Bay alone. It was difficult to find out who were overassessed and under- assessed. After further discussion, Mr Bevan stated that Mr Frost's estimation of £ 20,000 being gained by a revaluation was I; an exaggerated (tue as property depreciated, in value outside some parts. He would be" much surprised if th«& re-assessment of old property would bring1 in ^1000. To expect £ 20,000 was absolute nonsense. If they got ^500 or ,Ci,coo they would be lucky. The overseers were equitable men. The speaker referred to the Queen's Lodge and National Provincial Bank Assessments, where the overseers lost, and which would take a rate of twenty years to recoup what was spent. It was absolute folly to throw money away on a false basis, and they must not be led into the pitfall advised by Mr. Frost. (Hear, hear.) There was no favoritism in assessing. He had been annoyed to find in a certain sheet sucli words as old gang" or "cliques" on the Council. He had never seen it. (Laugh- ter.) He would sooner resign his seat on the — ■ ■ ———■ actios ,fTLtlePenSed °n mean and scl,rvy actions. l he speaker then replied to the rrsrhh? in »»nner? tie said the> had something to eo ae-ainst the £ 11,000 adverse balance, for bills were sent out for gas when quarter was due Nvhereas about £ 3,000 had to be spent before honesUvTried^' F°'' 2° yearS he liad Honestly tried by every means to keeo the rates low, and although the rate was hieh at present he was sure when they had got pS. ",e ,hey «"»"<< be i» a good

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