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Church of England Schools in Carnarvonshire. Some of the Church of England schools of Carnarvonshire continue to be the subject in much correspondence between the Education Department, the County Education Authority, and the local managers. Mr. Alfred T. Davies, the Permanent Secretary of the Welsh Department, at the Board of Education, recently sent a notice to the Board's architectural staff to visit the schools at CWM, PENMACHNO, and his report was very unfavourable. In for- warding copies of the report to the Managers and the County Authority, Mr. Davies wrote:— In view of this report the Board are not pre- pared to continue the recognition of this school in its present condition, and they cannot re- commend the Managers to recover the expense necessary to fit it for permanent recognition. It would apparently be more economical, as well as more satisfactory, to abandon the school and erect an entirely new building." That this is the view taken by the in- habitants of Cwm is indicated by a letter written to the Church Authority by Mr. D. Ellis Jones, on behalf of a special meeting of the ratepayers. The meeting urged that a new Council School should be built for the following reasons, viz :— (1) that the present building is too small to accommodate the children now attending school, and is, there- fore, overcrowded; (2) that the means for heating and ventilating the premises are entirely unsuitable, and that this, together with the overcrowding, is bound to affect the health of the children (3) that the premises are unsuitable to enable the teachers to properly instruct the children (4) the present school is Non-Provided, and out of 120 children attend- ing it six only are Church children. When the matter was discussed by the Building Committee, on November 5th, it was decided to defer consideration pending the reply of the Managers to the communication of the Board." At the same meeting a report from the Board of Education was read respecting the Church School at GYFFIN, which was built in 1844. Certain defects were pointed out and alterations and improve- Tu-'1*J ^eniant^ed* I" his covering letter, Mr. Alfred T. Davies wrote It appears from the report that if the recognition of the school is to be continued on a permanent basis, a comprehensive scheme of improvements, in accordance with the recommendations of the report, must be carried out at an early date. I am, therefore, to request that the Board may be informed as soon as possible, and in any case not later than December 15th, whether the Managers will undertake to carry out these improvements." In this case again it was decided to await the answer of the Managers. 1 » The minutes of the same meeting of the Building Committee contained the following:- N SCHOOLS,-SURVEY. The Committee discussed at length the requirements of the Board of Education with regard to existing Church of England School premises as disclosed in the foregoing letters in the case of Cwn and Llangelynin C. of E. Schools respectively, and in order to avoid any possible misconception as to the extent of obligations devolving upon Managers of Church of England Schools with regard to the alterations and improvements necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Board of Education, it was resolved that the Board be strongly urged to instruct one of their architectural staff to report upon the following schools for the information of the Managers and the Committee, viz.:—Carnarvon, Gerlan, Glanogwen, Llanllechid, Conway Infants, Deganvvy, Dohvyddelen, Llanddeiniolen, Tyn- twr, Church Walks (Llandudno), Bodafon (Llandudno), St. Beuno's (Llandudno), Llan- dwrog, Llysfaen.

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