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Llandudno Urban District Council.

Madryn Castle as an Agricultural…


Madryn Castle as an Agricul- tural School. The Carnarvonshire Education Committee on Thursday discussed privately a report by a a sub-committee of that Committee, and the Small Holdings Committee on the question of acquiring and adapting Madryn Castle as a school of agriculture. It was recommended by the sub-committee that the farm school be established at Madryn for the following reasons, viz:— 1. The close proximity of Madryn to the area where it is proposed to develop an afforestation scheme for which the County Council have already made application for a grant to the Board of Agriculture, it being recognised that little, if any, advantage would be gained by attempting to establish and develop an AFFORESTATION SCHEME a from its educational aspect and value. 2. The existence at Madryn of a walled garden, comprising upwards of three acres of land in a high state of cultivation,, where it would be possible to teach horticulture in all its branches to the students right from the start. 3. The urgent necessity that must arise to provide an organization in the interests of small holders on the Madryn estate so that the resources of the land can be developed to the utmost advantage under expert guidance, such guidance and advise being only possible either by (1) appointing suitable organisers expressly for the purpose, or (2) utilising the staft of the Farm School if and when established. > 1 V3" The Secretary also reported that the Education Committee of the County Councils Association had adopted a scheme for rural development, in which it was recommended that each county should apply to the Develop- ment Commissioners for an annual maintenance grant of £2,000 to aid agricultural education, and that he had interviewed the Assistant Secretary of the Development Commissioners, who had intimated that an application for a grant could be submitted to the Commission- ers at once. The Education Committee was recommended to apply to the Development Commissioners for a grant not exceeding towards the establishment and equipment of a farm school for the county, and for an annual maintenance grant of £2,000 towards a general scheme of agricultural education in and for the county. As the result of their deliberations, the Committee decided to aJopt the Sub-com- mittee's report, but fixed the grant of £ 10,000 instead of not exceeding" that sum. -4

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