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H.M. Prison, Ruthin.


H.M. Prison, Ruthin. The annual Blue Book on the prisons in England and Wales, 1909-1910, contains a great deal of interesting matter. The Prison Commissioners report a net de- crease of 4,940 prisoners received into the prisons compared with the previous year, the most striking differences being 5,852 less for drunkenness and 1,072 for highway offences, these decreases being discounted to some extent by an increase in the num- ber of prisoners committed for vagrancy offences. Referring to the recent establishment of a Borstil system of DEALING WITH GIRLS, the Commissioners report that the young female prisoner, perhaps the pathetic and the most difficult of all cases with which we deal, is now segregated from the Mineral bc-dv and forms a section by itself on which should be concentrated all the effort of re- clamation which humanity can suggest and experience cn furnish to save these young, erring creaturcs from a downward and ab- andoned career, to which, as the figures of recidivism prove, the female prisoner is specially pron', unless the most vigorous action is tak m while she is still in tender years. A most striking table is furnished showing the declining number of young < persons convicted between the ages of 16 and 2t, last year's figures being no less than 8,000 below those of 1894. The Commis- sioners attribute the success of the Borstal System to the keen interest manifested in the work by all classes of prison officials, to the very remarkable pains which the magistrates comprising the personnel of visiting committees and persons connected with the various Local Aid Societies are taking in order to make the system a suc- cess. The Governor in his report states The state and discipline of the prison have been very satisfactory. The system of earning remission by prisoners with sen- tences over a month is conducive to greater industry and good conduct. No prisoners have been received as offenders of the first division, and only two males as offenders of the second division. There were 12 pri- soners released on payment of whole or part fine, &c. There has been NO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. Associated Labour has been carried out daily, as far as practicable. The conduct of the officers has been good. The conduct of the prisoners generally has been good only in one case was it necessary to refer to the Visiting Committee. There has been no escape or attempt to escape. Prisoners have been chiefly employed at the follow- ing industries:—Stone-breaking, wood- chopping, coal-sack making, and oakum- picking for first stage prisoner, coir brush- making, mail-bag making and weaving halters. The buildings and fences are in good condition. The chapel has been re- decorated, the work being done by prison labour. The fire appliances are in good working order, and have been tested month- ly the supply of water was adequate. Fourteen male prisoners between the age of 16 and 21 were received during the year the majority of them not transferred were under sentences of less than a month each case upon discharge lis taken up by the Discharged Prisoners' .Aid Society. Several gentlemen have kindly contributed the fol- lowing short course of excellent secular ad- dresses to the prisoners during the year, viz. :—" Small beginnings," Courtesy," Success," "Habits," "Efficiency,' "Tem- perance," Morality," the subjects being so well chosen and the delivery such that I have no hesitation in affirming that the impression left on many of the hearers will prove a lasting one. The quantity of cloth- ing and bedding has been sufficient to meet all requirements. Contractors' supplies have been good and punctually delivered, except in one case, which was duly report- ed. All garden ground has been cultivated, and the yield was very good. The progres- sive stage system has been carried out, and the rules laid down for the government of the prison have, to the best of my belief, been complied with. The Chaplain's report is as follows:- The duties of the Chaplain have been care- fully carried out during the year. All pri- soners have been visited on reception and discharge. The sick and those under pun- ishment have had special daily attention I paid to them. The rest of the prisoners have been visited weekly in regular rotation. The daily services in the chapel have been duly performed, and op Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday there have been two I services, with an address at each service. The Holy Communion has been celebrated on seven occasions, inclusive of the great festivals. The average number of communi- cants has ben five. CHOIR PRACTICES are regularly held on Friday mornings after service in the chapel. The Rev. W. Bryan Brown, M.A., of the Church Parochial Mis- sion Society, conducted a mission in the prison from Sunday, February 20th, to Monday, February 28th, in his usual devout manner, carefully visiting every prisoner who expressed a wish to receive such a visit, and doubtless leaving an impression for good on all with whom he came in contact. The Education of the prisoners has been duly carried out with very good results. The library is stocked with excel- lent literature, of which abundant use is being made by those who are able to en- joy the reading of good books. The pri- soners have all been attentive at the services in chapel and respectful when visited in their cells. The Chaplain has attended nearly all the meetings of the Dicharged Prisoners' Aid Society, as well as the lec- tures on secular subjects delivered by the various gentlemen who have kindly given their. services for this purpose. In addi- tion to the assistance given him by his as- sistant curate, the Rev. Gomer Edwards, he has had the assistance of the Rev. W. P. Whittington, M.A., formerly master of the Ruthin Grammar School. The annual meeting of the Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society was this year presided over by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, supported by some of the leading genltrv and ladies of it he neighbourhood, and testimony was borne to the excellent work accomplished by the Society during the past year. The Medical Officer states:—The health of the prisoners generally has been good. There has been no death, suicide, or at- tempted suicide. Three prisoners were re- moved to asylums certified as insane. The food, clothing and bedding of the prisoners have been regularly inspected and found satisfactory. The sanitary arrangements in the prison have been satisfactory, and kept in a good sanitary condition. A regular temperature has been maintained in the heating of the prison. I have visited the prison morning and evening, and have ex- amined all prisoners before being passed for labour. Juveniles have been given special attention.

Plant Gweinidogion a'r Genhadaeth.

NODION ! Llywarch Hen.S



Nodion Ned Llwyd.

Canmlwyddiant "Twm o'r Nant."

NODION ! Llywarch Hen.S

NODION ! Llywarch Hen.S