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An Open Letter

The Eisteddfod Choir.

Conway Municipal Election.


Conway Municipal Election. To the Editor of THE WEEKLY NEWS. Sir,-In your issue of the 3rd inst. it ap- pears that one of the self-styled Progres- sive candidates, at a meeting held at the Town Hall, on Friday, the 28th October, described my objection to another candi- date and himself as scandalous." It may interest the electors to know that the opinion of eminent counsel has been taken upon the point, and that he advises that my objection, far from being scan- dalous," was perfectly good and legal. Counsel -ays: I am of opinion that both candidates were disqualified for election." With reference to the leaflet issued im- mediately before the election, quoting the Weekly News of 14th May, 1909, it is to be regretted that the Progressive candidates were not fair enough to say that the whole of this discussion arose with reference to Militia encampments, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Terri- torials. On the contrary, the "Progressive" candidates insinuated that their opponents were directly responsible for the fact that no Territorials Shad encamped at Conway this year. The following are the facts:- At a Camp Committee on the 30th March, 1909, the Borough Surveyor's report com- mences as follows — Camps, igog.-I am in receipt of the list of Camps for 1909, by which you will see that it is proposed to send Mil- itia here during August and septern- ber." A correspondence then took place between the Council and the military authoirites At a Council meeting on the 7th April the minutes of the Camp Committee were adopted. On the 20th April the Camp Committee met to consider the proposed Militia camps in August and September, when it was unanimously resolved, upon the proposition of Councillor Porter, seconded by Council- lor Henry Jones, That a reply be sent to the military authorities pointing out that the Council had spent a considerable sum of money in restoring the surface of the Morfa, and that whilst they were most anxious to encourage camps here, thev did not think it would be wise to extend the period this year, as it would destroy the surface of the reclaimed ground and cause considerable damage." At a Council meeting held on the 12th May the minutes of the Camp Committee were adopted. It is perfectly clear that the statement in the leaflet is not true, and I trust that the authors even now will be fair enough to r, y express their regret that they have made a misrepresentation with regard to their op- ponents. I may mention here that the Liberals were in the majority on the Council then, as they are now, so that the allegation against the Conservatives is absolutely inexcusable. One question the Progressives did not re- fer to, and that is the sum of -f 507 us. id. spent by the Council in defending the rights ot the ratepayers in the bridge case.—I am, &c., R. O. PRICHARD. Bryn Dedwydd, Conway, 23rd November, 1910.

Abergele Emigrants.

Attendance Officer's Tragic…

Conway County Court.

H.M. Prison, Ruthin.

Plant Gweinidogion a'r Genhadaeth.

NODION ! Llywarch Hen.S



Nodion Ned Llwyd.

Canmlwyddiant "Twm o'r Nant."

NODION ! Llywarch Hen.S

NODION ! Llywarch Hen.S