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Farms to Let. EGLWYSBACH.— To Let, Ffrith Lon Farm. 35 acres, situated beside main road from Llanrwst to Eglwysbach. Pos- session November 30th, 1910. Apply Davies, Bath, Talycafn. PARISH OF LLANRWST.- To be Let, on 30th November next, Gwninger and Taiynyfoel Farms (except the Dwelling- house, Garden, and appurtenances known as Belmont "'), containing 83a. ir. 36p., or thereabouts; also the grazing in the Gwninger and Taiynyfoel Plantations, com- prising about 129 acres.—For particulars, apply to Messrs. (;riffith and Allard, Solici- tors, Llanrwst. 68910 -= Cattle> &c., for Sale. C* ALVFS from deep-milking Cheshire Shorthorn Cows.—Bulls, 30s., Heifers, 35s. upwards. Cash with order.—Frank Dobie, Littleton, Chester. 583019 Eggs, Poultry, &c. HENS.—Cohen, 15, Short-street, Spital- ii fields Market, London, buys live old hens. Correspondence invited. 626a BAKKM) KOCiv Bv\lAM Cockerels or Pull-ts, well marked, hatched April, 1910, bred from prize-winners, good layers, 3- 6d. to 4s.— A. Pipon, Hartlev-Wintnev, Hants [419nl8 UTILITY Brand, Poultry Food, great egg producers. Unique in price and purpose. Before buying send for lists. Feed Dept., Argyle iills, Liverpool Estab. 1868 490a t." GGS, i'oultry, Rabbits and Butter Wanted; will take Regular Supplies pronpt payments.—Universal Stoves, 270, Wheeled-street, Birmingham. State Quanti- ties. FOWL CORN, 7S. od., IOS. 6d., 12s. 6d., JL 2401b. Pig Food, 7s. 6d. Poultry Meal, 8s., 10s., 2001b. all sacks included carriage paid for is. per sack extra (up to miles Liverpool).—Roche "nd Co., 15, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool 103a KEEP YOUR POULTRY" RUNS WARM.—Good strong rot-proof Can- vas sheltering, with eyelets, 2ft. wide, 4d. 3ft. wide, jd. 4ft. wide, 6d. per yard run strong rot-proof i-inch mesh Netting, 30 square yards, is. List and Samples free.- H. J. GASSON, Government Contractor, Rye. Farm and Garden. COW LINE quickly cuies Cows' sore teats and swollen udders. No remedy like it. Send is. for large tin.—Sbawyer, Chemist, Swindon, Wilts. Of all chemists 597a j31 ANTED, large and small quantities of VV Hay and Straw, Carrots, and Swedes also Potatoes and other Farm Produce. State prices.—G. II. Webster. Office and Warehouse: St. Andrew's-strept, Gallowgate, Newcastle-on-Tvne. Telephone 2800 Cen- tral Telegrams, Straw," Newcastle-on- Tyne. 585a GARTON'S New Breed Red King Seed Wheat, once grown, 45s. for 36 stones, including sacks.—F. Garforth, Drighlington. 535a. ENDYFFRYX ~GARDENS.—For" Cab- bage, Cauliflower, and other Plants; Cut Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables: Wreaths Bouquets, Sec. Trade supplied.- Peter Wright, Pendyffryn, Penmaeiimawr.1184 ON SALE, beautiful Peacocks.-Apply, Bryniach, Eyirth, near Ruthin. BULBS. BULBS.—500 Guaranteed Flow- J) ering Hyacinths, Tulips, &c., 4/ 300, 2/6; 150, 1/6. 5°0 (Specially Selected), 5/ 300, 3/3 150, 2/ Sample 70, post fre-C, I/- —Garden Supply Co., 3ig, Plough-road, Rotherhithe, London. 543^2 MILLIONS OF PLANTS. JULY SOWN. iVi Early Enfield, Ellam's Early, Early Market, Wheeler's Imperial, 3s. 1,000.— Arthur Puffin, Putton, Beds. 502a IIA.SIC PRICES, A apply to VV Ellis & Cc., Merchants, Abergele 57 I ""LOWER POl'S, 192 for 7s. 6d. (crate re- JL turnable). 12 Sin., 20 6in., 50 sin., 60 4in., 50 3in. Special quotations for quanti- ties Send for catalogue, free.—Herberts Park Pottery, Darlaston, Staffs. LOOK! STRING NETTING. FOR Poultry enclosing, waterproof, iin. mesh. 30 yds. by 1 yd is. 4d. 30 yds. by 2 yds., 2S. 6d. 30 yds. by 3 yds., 3s. Sd. this is sent carriage paid.—H. I kobinson, Wish Ward-street, Rye, Sussex. ALVAXT/.KU FENCING WIRE, in V I i-ewt. bundles, fron. 6 to 14 w.g., per- fect new wire but shorter lengths than usual, 8s. per cwt Galvanised Barbed Wire, slightly soiled, in 84 lb. bundles, 336 yds., 9s. per bundle.—N.W. Dept., BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. YGALVANIZED "ROOFING "SHEETS, V J Special job lot light sheets, 21 inches wide, to cover 18 inches, 5ft. 7-Jd. 6ft. gd. each all new, sound and free from holes, but slightly soiled.—N.W Dept BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Estab. 1828. ALVA\TI/El) BARB WIR E, Enj^liih V_J make, new, but slightly soiled, 841b. bundles, 336yd 93. per bundle.— N.W. Dept., BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolver- hampton Established 1828. e- ALV-=-,ÜnZED- Córrugated-sEeets, J special, salvage, ne'v sheets, soiled by sea water, 5ft., is. 6ft., is. 3d. 7ft., is. 6d. 8ft;, is. 8d. N.W. Dept., BUTLER, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Established 1828. Horse Training. W ALLEY, late of Dinarth, is open to Break all Classes of Horses.—Apply Wallev, follhouse, Penrhyn Bay, near Llan dudno. n6^2dq Horses, Carriages, &c., for Sale. OR SALE -New F.ubl>er Tyi-e GoN,erness I Car and Second Hand Gig, Dogcart, two Light Lorries, Horsebreaker's Cart, two Phaetons, Rubber Tyred Landau, Victoria and Brougham; Business and Pleasure Floats a speciality; Handcarts and Wheel- barrows and 'Bus Top. Cash or easy terms. —Francis and Sons, Coachbuilders, Colwyn Bay. 112. 43 V ESICO-SUDORIFIC (flying horse trade- V mark).—A powerful penetrating re- medy for Lame Horses, Weak Joints, Sprained Sinews, Diseased Bone, Puffy Swellings. Needs no special attention. Pots 2s. 6d. or 53. PEDICURA cures Thrush, Buttle Hoof, Greasy Heels, Itchy Mane, Tail or Legs, Mangy Skin in all ani- mals. Tins. 2s. 6d. from GREGORY & CO., Temple, Bristol, or through your Chemist. 28a Birds for Sale C'AN ARIES for Breeding and Song, best, cheapest in the world; also Parrots, &c. list free.—W. Rudd, Bird Specialist, Nc)rwicli. 018 Mortgages. MORTGAGES.—Advances on Freehold I or leasehold Properties on advan- tageous iternis.—Apply, Mr. Hindley, Solic- tor, Llandudno. 397a MORTGAGES.—^10,000 to be let out M on Mortgage on Freehold Properties, from 4 per cent. interest.—Apply, Cardsby Hj/siam, Town Hall, Rhyl. Medical. The Medical Home, Colwyn Bay. FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home when not at Cases, and are under personal supervision. Patients received. Massage. Nursing: Appliances on Hire. For terms and particulars, apply,— Tel. »4. MATRON: MISS ISABEL MATTY. 38 "THE WIFE'S HANDBOOK and family ^edicaJ Guide," 1910 edition (illus- trated) 80 pages of sterling information for the married; over 1,000,000 copies sold at 6d. each now offered ABSOLUTELY FREE, in sealed envelope; the original genuine edition, copyright; largest illus- trated list of surgical and domestic goods published also enclosed.—N. W. DORSAN & CO., 57, Robson-road, Weot Norwood, London. Established 1847. 203a Shopping by Post, UIT-ierigtlis, from gs.; also Overcoatings. Latest designs patterns free.—H. Broad- bent, 22a, Fitzwilliam-street East, Hudderstieid, 602(12 IO/- Parcel, carnage paid, Ladies and Gents' Umbrella, and pair of ex- pensive design Curtains.— Send P.O. C. O. & Co., 2g, Beaumont square, Mile End, E. [425d2 BOO 1 S, Boots, boots.— It you want a Pair send us your address, and we will send you particulars how to get a pair for 6d.— Nelson & Co., 29. George-street, Pontvpool. OLDTERS' fiEAVN" ('.IZI,-A]'COATS, Is 6s. 6d., etc. price list free.—Hart and Son, 56, Wellington-street, Woolwich. Es- tablised ioo years. 563. D2 V" "ARM(TUTH BLOATERS" and Kip- Y pers, in prime condition, is. 6d. and 2S. 6d. a box, carriage paid on receipt of cash.—BUTLER'S CURING WORKS, St. Nicholas-road, Great Yarmouth. a^ygdg NEVER be disappointed. Order early. Now leady, choice selection of Private Greeting Cards from 2s. per dozen. Write or call to-day and see samples. Books sent out to any address on application by 'phone or postcard —R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News Office, 8, Station-road, Colwyn Bay. I N ITT IN G WOOLS for all purposes. K All qualities and shades. Samples free. Orders for 2/6 carriage free.—Tonks's Noted Wool 'Warehouse, Ashted Row, Bir- mingham. 713 FAR.NIERS' SULTS, world renowned J. amongst agriculturalists, to measure, for 22s. 6d., 31s., 35s. Hard wearers and splendid fitting. Waterproofs, 23s. 6d., 27s. 6d., best value. Thousands testimon- ials.—All particulars and easy measure forms (iree), Holmes and Son, Farmers' Tailors, Buxton, Derbyshire. 5;coa 1SH. — 11st. Cod, Liitg, Haddocks, V Plaice, or Headless Fryers, ios. Salt Cod, zs. stone; 400 Fresh Herrings, 12s. Finneys, Kippers, Bloaters, 2S. box bass Selected Fish 2s.-Lacy and Son, Grimsby Dks. 448a n25 5/11 POS í MEN S BOOI'S (ShWNj. C ARRIAGE [\aid average wear 12 months; thousands of testimonials lists free; P.O. ss. nd. Box Calf Furlough and Uniform Boots, 7s. nd.—W. BULL & CO., 215, Batter sea, Park-road, London. MH) RAG IIAWKF RS and MARINE STORES, etc.—Woolens, 3s. gd. per score; unripped cloth, is. id.; whites, is.; rough rags, 4d. tailors' cuttings, 3s. 4d. to ;s.-flor-wich, Albert Mills, Downe-street, Liverpool. 476d9 RNTY Sewn V Bluchers, best leather, any size, post free for 5s. 6d.—H. J. Gasson, Government Contractor, Rye LIGARETTES (Finest Brands), post free; cost of sending order refunded. Write for Price List and particulars.—A. Beres- ford, Cigarette Spoci.a.1ist," O, Bridport- place, London. \A,A,rl,'R.Tu'ROOF CAIIES, large size, V V- suitable for cyclists or men exposed to the wet, 3s. 6d. each large Police Oilskin Capes, lined with serge, 3s. 6d 4s. 6d., 5s. each; extra large Blue Cloth Police Capes, 5s. 6d. and 6s. 6d. Rubber Motor Jackets, splendid line, 73. 6d. Oilskin Overall Leg- gings, 2s. 6d. pair; cheaper kinds kept; either above carriage paid.—H. J. Gasson, Government Contractor, Rye. 0 Splendid Dark Blue 20.000 or Grey Cloth Trousers, no common rubbish; as worn by the Metro- politan Police; any size, Post Free, 3s. 6d. pair; selected 4s. Gd. a pair cheaper kinds kept.-H. J. Gasson. Government Con- tractor, Rye. iXJ ILITARY KNEE BOOTS, smart ap- iv 1 pearance, 7s. 6d. pair, Naval Knee Boots, very strong, 5s. 6d. per pair. Bluchers, 5s. 6d per pair. Any size. Car- riage paid. Cash returned if not approved of.—PI. J. GASSON, Government Con- tractor, Rye. ATERPROOF COVERS, same mater- ial and pliable as railway sheets; 12ft. by 9ft., 12s. 15ft. by 9ft., 15s. and so on to any size at is. per square yard; with lashes. Suoerior stout, rot-proof Green Canvas, is. 6d. sqaure yard, with lashes.— H J. GASSON, Government Contractor, Rye Musical, &c. NEW MUSIC. HEINRICH SUCK'S New Waltz "Nym- phentanz will be the success of the season. Pos.t free, 1/6. Send P.O. to W. Stratton, Lordswood-road, Harbone, Bir- mingham. HERR HEINRICH SUCK'S BAND is THE BAND for BALLS, Receptions, &c. Photography. USE OUR PLATES".—Half"Plates, 1/4; Quar+er Plates, 7^d. dozen; P.O.P. or Gaslight Postcards, 100 I/4!; Mounts, Backgrounds, &c. samples and catalogues free.—Works, July-road, Liverpool, E. 217 Astrology. ^UCCESS BY ASIIiOLOGY.^lrree copy. Marriage Partner described, Business, Tra- vels, Money Prospects. Two Years' Free Guide] —Address: Prof. C. Von De Zaar, Forest Mansion, Haarlem, Holland. Postage, 2 d. post cards, id. 6II nI8 Journalism. I OU 1<NAl.Isi 1C PUPILS.—1'he Editor of J the North IF«/es Weekly Ncivs has vacancies for three journalistic pupils; thorough training guaranteed.- Apply by letter in first instance. Furniture Wanted. HOUSE of Furniture wanted good quality. Also Pianoforte. Give full particulars and price.—White, Sunnyside, Bi.ch Grove, Rusholme, Manchester, 608 Tours. iUUK to the Holy Land, Egypt, and the .L Mediterranean, including Jerusalem, Nazareth, Damascus, Cairo, Pyramids, Con- stantinople, Athens, &c. Private Parties at half usual charges. For illustrated handbook write the Secretary—Rev. J. W. Miller, B.A., Woodland Avenue. Leicester. sqoa di6 Money. LuAiNa by Pua 1, £ 5 to £ 3UU on oWJN PROMISSORY NOTE to all Classes. '1 ransactions arranged by POST. Moderate interest.—R. MORGAN, 53, Old I ondon-road, Hastings. 588J 31 -===-==- Financial. OPPORTUNITY of- a lifetime. Advert- 0 iser wants 6300 to £ 800 at once to increase his contracts for importation of Canary Bananas into England. Will pay Z120 a year for this advance. Sound and secure. Lady or gentleman.—Write F. R., 27, Noel-road, Acton, London. 627n25










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