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Jack's Fortune.



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Llandudno Police Court.

Llandudno Guardian Society.


Llandudno Guardian Society. The sixteenth annual report of this trade protection society shows receipts amounting to f175 10S., of which /40 12s. 6d. was a credit balance at the beginning of the vear, and £119 14 s. members' subscriptions. After deducting all expenses, a credit bal- ance of lH 5s. Sd. is carried forward to next year. In the report the Committee says the attention of members should be drawn to the question of receiving lost- office money orders in payment of accounts. It appears that the practice of the postal authorities is to permit the sender of a money order to defer its payment, and to refund the money to him if he stops pay- ment of the order within the deferred period. It appears thatt the Post-office communicates with the payee of the order if his address is known to them. At the same time, however, they call attetion to the fact that a money order is not a negotiable instru- ment, and is not intended to serve as cur- rency, and that therefore the public should make sure before parting with goods that a money order received in payment has not been deferred." Commenting on this, the Committee say that the state of affairs does not apppear to be satisfactory, and suggest that members who had met with difficulties on the lines mentioned should communicate with the Committee with a view to further repre- sentation to the Post-office through the As. sociation. Ttte Committee also reported that an im- portant decision was given by the Court of Appeal during the year regarding the ques- tion of the railway companies' liabilit for goods carried by them at owners' risk. The Court upheld the railway company's con- tention that they were not liable unless wil- ful misconduct of their servants could be proved. On this the Committee remarked that ob- viously in a great majority of cases it was impossible to do this, and in spite of the fact that the railway companies do not al- ways insist on standing on their strict rights, it is felt that some action should be taken to bring about an amendment of the law in this particular.

The Church in Wales.

Consumption Crusade.

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Mayor's Sunday at Bangor.

Insurance of School Children.