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Jack's Fortune.



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have lost my fortune—been very good to us." She broke the seal as she spoke; took a single sheet of paper from the envelope, and read the contenta: "This is the last Will and Testament of me, Hectotr White. I will and bequeath everything of which I die possessed, includ- ing moneys, furniture, and freehold estate to John Hamilton of 7A, Johnson-court, The Temple, with the exception of Five Thousand Pounds, which is to be paid to Miss Daisy Austen, or should she have married before this Will is read, to her in her married name. "(Signed), HECTOR WHITE. "Witnesses James Gough, Sarah Allen." Joseph Dickson had also opened the envelope which was addressed to him, and which contained a copy of the Will read out by Daisy. "So the old chap has, after all, left you everything, Hamilton!" he said. "Well, I'm very pleased, and I don't think Mrs. Hamilton, who, I take it, was Miss Austen. will complain. He tried her in the furnace, and did not find her wanting. Now, if you'l1 excuse me, I must rush—time and tide, and to-dav's prices wait for no man He shook them both heartily by the hand, wished them luck, and was gone. Daisy, who held the sheet of paper still in her hand, let it fall to the table. "So the great fortune is yours, after all she said. "I'm glad for your sake, dearest, and glad, too, that it came on our wedding- day, though, really, it is not money 1 wonted, only you He caught her in his arms. "And it wasn't money I wanted," he an- swered, "it was you—just voii T Oh, Daisy, Daisy. darling! my fortune, my great for- tune j isn't the wealth Hector White lia- left me, the houses and lands, it s your love. sweetheart-the love of a dear woman, a lov- ing wife, precious above ruVo> (To be continued.)

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