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Mayor's Day at Conway.

Children's Concert at Conway.


Children's Concert at Conway. PRIZES FOR ATTENDANCE. The annual concert of the Conwav Infants School was held in the Town Hall on Fridav evening, when there was a large attendance. who greatly appreciated the excellent pro- gramme provided. The programme opened with the Welsh National Anthem by the infants, after which Claudia Hughe-; gave a capital recitation of What am I." The plav drill bv the infants was loudly applauded, as was also the recitation, The cat s' tea party, by five in:ant". The song and dance, Good-bye, Mr. Teddy ISear," wa=; excellently carried out by Mary Williams, Bessie Fvans, Lizzie Catherine Fetch, and Lily O'Tooh-. Next came an interesting dialogue entitled The Gentle- man, a party ot girls and ooys. 1 lie duet, Where are you going to. my pretty m a; (I bv Lizzie Fetch and Lily (3' I'oule, I was very capably rendered. The infants then delighted the audience with the song "Cheerful I lawkJion," after which Maggie Owen gave a wonderful recitation cf The Dead Dolly." Tlw last item on the opening part of the programme were nursery rhymes and characters, which greatlv clelightecl the The characters were represented II:; 'hmc:. Beri ie Dixon; \!ueen, EUf\\cn John Heraid, Cyril Jones Fairies, Mary Ann Marshall and Gracie Jones; Lucy Lockett, Ruth Conlev Georgie Porgic, Eric Parr:, Sallie Waters, Jennie Edwards Jack, Hilton Ricketts; [ill. Lallv Jones Bo Peep, Gwennie Owen Tom, the Piper's Sen, W. P>o!ger Piem'.n, Norman Edwards Jack Hcrner, Harold Gregg Old Woman, Lily O'Toole Mother Hubbard. Doris Jones. The second part of the programme opened with a rendering of Clychau Aberdyu by the infants. The Ir Roger (le o\-ej-le%- dance was excellently done by eight bovs and eight girls, and the Welsh dialogue by six boys was well received. Next came a song and minuet, Daffodils," bv Standard i. girls, and Doris Jones followed with a capital recitation of A Strange School." Twelve infants next appeared and gave the song Buy a broom," which was very pleasing. The march and song, We are Scouts," by infant Scouts, was received with rounds of applause. The infants sang The Bogie Man," and Lily O'Toole gave a recitation of Mrs. Hen and her family." The last item on the programme was a song by the infants entitled Grow, little Mushroom." Before the close of the concert, the prizes for attendance between August, 1909, and July, 19i0, were distributed. The first class prize winner was Sarah Ellen Edwards, who made a possible attendance of 414 times. The following arc second class prize winner^, and have attended 95 per cent, and over of the possible attendances •—Blodwen Jones 41'1; Mary Fallen Jones, 408 Edrh Williams, 401 Alice Peace Jones, 407 Jennie Jones, 410 Eurwen John, 401 Annie Gertrude Jones, Maudie Marshall, 412 Ruth Roberts. 40?; Florrie Jones, 408 Nellie Hughes, 413 Elizabeth Catherine Fetch, 400; Marv Williams, 411 Florence Row- lands 397 Elizabeth Wharlow Jones, 39^ Ira Conwav Davies 410 Milliccnt Walker, 410 Dorothy Hughes Evans, 412 Elizabeth Jane Wil'iams, 395 Robert Thomas Jones, 410 Robert Owen, 395 Thomas Hughes, 400 Hugh Jones, 397 Richard Edward Roberts, 410 G'yn Owen 400 Richard. Goosey, 39, James Rowlands. 403 Myi'anwy Letitia Tonc:, 397; James Smith, 407; Gwennie Owen. 40 1. The concert was an excellent one through- out. and reflects the highest credit upon the head teacher and her capable staff for the splendid training that the children had been put to.

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