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Mayor's Day at Conway.

Children's Concert at Conway.

Death of Mr. John Hughes,…

[No title]

The Late Rev. Father Comerford.

A Colwyn Bay Dispute.

[No title]

I Markets and Fairs. I-

Private Parties to the Holy…


IMadame Riviere's Matinee…

--.t8IIC. Llanrwst Education…


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LIST OF VISITORS. 11 AN IIOTKL. J. S. LittlcwocK.lt Esq, resident Mrs Littlpwoo'i, do H W Wi .son, Csq, Liverpool Mrs Wilson, tio H Goldschmidt, Esq. Manchester Miss Heine, do E Oliver, Esq. BowJon R J I loUlswoi t-1, E sq, Bolton Mrs Moldsvvortn. do H Waddinfcton. Esq, do Mrs Waddinston, do Mrs La Matt an1 maid, Harrogate A C Sykes, Esq, Bolsover Mrs Syke*. do T A Kirkwood, Esq, Btundellsands Mrs Clapham, Prestwicli Fhiiip Clapham, Esq. do Mrs Waddington, sen., Bolton Clement Lowe, Esq, and party, Knut-ford I A L GooJso 1, E^q, KnuNford C Dempster, Esq, do C Benton, Esq, do E L Ashworih. Esq, do K Ashworth, Esq do CW Lowe, Esq. do S Stoker. Esq. do M rs Mnorby, Nelson Miss Moorby, do Dr Maffin. ifuddersfield F W Whilfield, Esq, do K P Goldschmidt, Esq, Manchester Mrs Goldschmidt. do Mrs Alexander, do Miss Alexander, do Miss Clark. do Col Sir Clement Royds and valet, Rochdale Lady Royds and maid, do Captain Gardner, Richmond Mrs Gardner, do COLWYN BAY HOTEL. E Seymour Mead, Esq, > orthwich Mrs Mead, do Miss Mallet, do Miss M<llIet. do L Heycs. Esq, Manchester Miss Carpenter. Dublin P Macdermolt. Esq. Ireland Airs Macdermott, do Miss G Macdermott, do Talbot Clift 511, E-q and chauffeur, Lvtham W Woods, Esq. Wi-an Mrs Woods, do P Tooker. Esq, Bivokl;-nds C F Brook, Esq, London J Walker, Esq, Kochdale .Mrs IN, I d,, — Deakin, Esq, Gioiu c->tersh,re Mrs Deakin, do A E Sutclifte, Esq, R.icup 1\1 ¡ss Cheshire Miss Hartley, do Mrs I! Hollingdrake, Stockport Miss M Hollingdrake, do Miss Cloake, Cardiff D J Williams, Esq, Barnsley Mrs Williams, do Miss \Vdli.lll1s, do H r Tait. Esq, London W R Sutton, Esq. Cheshire Mrs Sutton, do Master P Sutton, do Miss Sheelagh Macdermot, Ireland Miss Maureen Maciermot, do S Lee. Esq. Cheshire Mrs Lee do The Rco H Gihson, Sheffield W H Sutton, Esq, Manchester Miss Sutton, do Miss M Sutton, do W Downs, Esq, Huyton Mrs Downs, do C Sutton, Esq. Manchester H Sutton, Esq, do CMitchell, Esq. Liverpool Mrs Mitchell, do Ashcroft. Esq, do M rs Ashcroft, do Musgrove, Esq, St. Anne's-on-Sea Mrs Musgrove, do The Misses Musgrove, do 1\1 rs Scott, do Mrs Collard, Cheshire Miss Collard, do HOTEL METROPOLE. J Lingare. Esq. London J Williams, Esq, Liverpool T Flockton, Esq. do Chatterton, Esq. Birmingham H Owen, Esq. Liverpool Canon Nicholson, Bath Mrs Nicholson, do Miss Nicholson, do J Brimstone, Esq. Liverpool J LeI. Esq. Manchester Miss Lea do James Rae, Esq, Didsburv .Mrs Rae, do l\1rs II ammeslev, Manchester Nnrse Odium, ¿it) James Hughes Esq. London G C Chambers, F-11. Liverpool Geo. Wheeldon. Esq, Manchester J Simpson, Esq. London LOCKVER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. Mrs Brlerley, Huddersfield Crabtree, Esq, Manchester Mrs Crabtree, do Miss Crabtree. dl) — Innes. Esq, Stalvhridge Miss Innes, do Miss Wall, Colwyn Miss Steane, Coventry HOTEL ROTHESAY. Dr Walls, Southport Mrs Walls, do Dr W K Walls, Manchester Mrs W K Walls, do The M isses Walls and nurse, Jo Mrs Harris, Birmingham Mrs lones. do N S Ketone, Esq. Manchester Mrs Kelgone, do


Sad Tragedy at Llanfairfechan.1

--.----Death of Mr. A. W.…

The Colwyn Bay and District…

Talycafn Mart Sale.