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Children's Concert at Conway.

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IMadame Riviere's Matinee…


Madame Riviere's Matinee Musicale. SI PPORT FOR THE KINC EUWAnn MEMORIAL. Madame Riviere, who has introduced so many happy innovations into the social, musical, and philanthropic life 01 Colwvn Boy, quite eclipsed her own record on '1 uesday afternoon, when a matinee nvisieale, which she had iN as fli(- N icto-.it Pavilion. Not only was this a new and pleasing method of bringing the residents together in a social way, but it was also the means of raising funds in support of that admirable movement originated by Madame Riviere for the provision (f a King Edward Memorial ambulance for the rown and dis- trict. Thus the ob;ect of the function was a doubly good one, and in addition, the com panv were entertained to a really admirable programme and -afternoon tea In this venture Madame Riviere was enthusiastically supported bv her niece. Mrs. Reginald Crowe, better known as Miss Aimee Bebh. who has scored so manv artistic triumphs in the Victoria Pavilicn. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Crowe are spending a portion ot their honey- moon at .'o'wyn Bay. and readily sacrificed the day to the sacred cause ot charity. There was a verv gratiiying attendance, and among the ladies and gentlemen who attended to show their practical sympathy w th the am- bulance movement were Mr. Walter White- head, Mr. and Mrs. Mould, Miss Preece, Mrs. and Miss Gamble, the Rev. Canon Roberts, the Rev. Thomas Parry, J.P., Councillor T. E. Purdy. Mrs. W. Venables-Williams, Mr. and Mr. Harries- Jones, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Smith, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Shaw, the Misses Jones (Dinarth Hall). Mrs. Horton, Mr. and Mr Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bourne, and other well-known people. Mr. W. ^Forrest-Hague, the able conductor of Riviere's Orchestra, and three brothers, Me.srs. F. W. Hague, S. Hague, and T. Hague, together with Mr. I.. A. Harries Jones, contributed most welcome instru- mental numbers, including orchestral selec- tions from Tannhauser," Cavalleria Hus. ticana," and Schubert and Mendellssohn music. Mr. Forrest Hague also delighted everyone with his violin solos, Romance (Svensden) and Aubade M'AmbrosioL Miss Fletcher Fvans was twice encored Jor her dramatic recitations, Dagobert, the Jester," Between two stools." and Ask- ing the Way." Mr. Sutton Jones, who is principal tenor of St. Asaph Cathedral and a pupil of Mr. Gurney Barnett, Colwyn Bay, made a most favourable impression by his very fine rendering of Pinsuti's The Last Watch." for which he was heartily encored. Mr. Sutton Jones would have appeared in I two items, but was not able to be present at the commencement of the programme because he was detained at a special service at the Cathedral, It is to be hoped that he may be frequently heard at Colwyn Bay. Miss Aimee Bebb received a most cordial welcome when she came on the stage to sing Denza's A. May morning and the ever- popular Welsh ballad, O na byddai'n haf o hvd," in both of which she acquitted herself with distinction, her accurate pronun- ciation of the Welsh words being much appre- ciated by the late author s compatriots. At the close ot the second song. Miss Bebb was detained on the platform to fdl an unex pected role, that oi chief character in a very pretty ceremony. Mr. A. J. Fleet came for- ward and presented the charming singer with a lovely bouquet, the gift of friends and admirers at Colwyn Bay. which he asked her to accept as a token of sincere wishes for a long and happy married life. The audience seconded Mr. Fleet's gallant speech with hearty applause, which wa" re- peated as Miss Bebb bowed her acknowledge. m'-n4s. Mr. Reginald J. Crowe was very fine in the character monologue, The Workhouse Man,' and again he and his brida did capitaJh ;11 a duologue, Collaborator and finally Miss Aimee Bebb brought a thoroughly enjoyable concert to a close with a laughter-provoking song. in the. interval tea was served in the grand lounge, the tables b?ing superintended by a number of ladies, the cakes being supplied by M:ss B lckiey, and this proved a great success. Madame Riviere and those associated with her in the enterprise are to be felicitated upon the suc- cess of the first matinee musicale at Colwyn Bay.

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