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Rhyl Improvements.


Rhyl Improvements. The following were the important recom- mendations submitted by the Road Com- mittee to the meeting of the Urban Council with respect to public lavatories for Rhyl (1) Two lavatories (one for each sex) one on each side of the embayment on the West Promenade, opposite Sandringham Avenue. Estimated cost, [425. (2) Two lavatories (one for each sex) on the sand,s, opposite Grosvenor-road Es- timated cost, £ 400. iJ) Urinal, in Wellington-road, opposite ,Fif viion graew-Toad. Estimated cost, CIDO. (4) Urinal by the south end of Vale-road Bridge, opposite the Victoria Inn. Estim- ated cost, £25. (5) Alteration of existing Urinal by the Town Hall in Queen-street. Estimated cost, £100. (6) Extension of Ladies' Lavatory and Gentlemen's Lavatory on the West Prom- enade. Estimated cost of former, £100; latter, 6250. Recommended also,- that application be made to the Local Government Board for sanction to a loan of 6140o,-for defraying the cost of the above erections-repayable over a period of 15 years, or such other period as the Board may deem just and fair. At Monday's meeting of the Council, in dealing with the report, Mr. E. G. Evans suggested that the Committee should again consider the question of making a much beitter place at the Town Hall than was already suggested. He would like to see them erect a building in which visitors could go for a wash-up, and the place should be in charge of a caretaker, being made worthy of the centre of the town. He moved that it be referred back. Mr. Hill seconded, and said he was pleased that so sensible a view of matters was being taken. Mr. Perks hoped that they' would recon- sider the question of sites. He did not think that they should finally settle it. The Town Clerk said the question of sites could be decided later on. They should make early application to the Local Govern- ment Board for the loan. Mr. T. D. Jones said if they intended to spend more money on the centre of the town he did not think that they would have much left for other places, as 11400 was to be the total. He understood that they wanted lavatories in various parts of the town more than one elaborate structure. He reminded the meeting that a caretaker would mean continuous expenditure. The Vice-Chairman felt that they should reconsider the whole report. He felt that they might make more provision at the Town Hall, and if necessary they could utilise a portion of one of the offices there. Mr. Cheetham considered that the fees would pay an attendant if the lavatory was properly fitted up. Dr. Hughes Jones thought that they were talking about expenditure before they had definitely decided on a scheme. Mr. Phillips said the Road Committee was so often sat upon" that he wished to say a word for them. He congratulated them "011 their boldness in bringing forward the scheme. Mr. Ellis thought it well to reconsider the matter. In fact they had before them I suggestions for municipal offices at the Town Hall. The report was then referred to the Council in Committee.

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