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Pigs for Profit. Profitable Pig Breeding and Feeding. By Thomas Allen. Pp. 194. 3s. 6d. net. London: L. Upcott Gill. To the long and ever-lengtheninsr list of useful books on all sorts of subjects pub- lished by Mr. L. Upcott Gill at the offices of The Bazaar and Exchange and Mart," at Bazaar Buildings, Drury-lane, W.C., has been made a valuable addition- Mr. Thomas Allen's Profitable Pig Breed- ing and Feeding." The name of Mr. Thos. Allen is familiar to our readers as a special- ist in pedigree pigs and as the author of practical books such as Small Farm- ing that Pays" and Pig-keeping that Pays." The book now before us, which is illustrated with pictures of famous boars and sows, comes at a most opportunate moment, revealing as it does the extreme urgency of one of the most pressing agricultural problems of the times. "The vast pig-meat imports which annualy cost this country considerably over twenty millions sterling open out to the British agriculturist a resourceful field of enter- prise which, when facilities for availment are duly pointed out to him, it can hardly be supposed that he will be slow to realise. It may at once be admitted that the extreme folly of letting so vast an industry slip out of our hands has been apparent these many years to every thinking agriculturist, but there has hitherto been no disposition evinced to face the position boldly and come to grips with obstacles well known to be surmountable. The laissez-faire ten- dency of our people is proverbial, and never more painfully apparent than where rural industries are concerned. And so it has come about that we have been content to sit comparatively still, or at most to give evi- dence of life and action by jerk and spasm, whilst the amiable foreigner, ever disin- terestedly willing to relieve Mr. Bull from the necessity of supplying his own wants and giving employment to his own impoverished people, has tanned the national pocket to the tune of piled-up millions of money. It is time," Mr. Allen adds, that this shameful industrial torpor on the part of British agriculturists came to an end. No country in the world is more favourably situated for supplying every pound of pig- meat required by its population than the United Kingdom. The climate on the whole is most suitable, the skill of our bacon and ham factors is unrivalled, whilst the superb quality of our improved breeds of swine is the admiration and envy of Europe and the American Continent." We have in the North Wales Weekly News" frequently called attention to the serious national consequences of the neglect of the pig, and have published articles on various aspects of the question, and now we are delighted to find our views supported by so competent and so widely- recognized an authority as Mr. Thomas Allen. The book, which is brimful of in- terest even to the non-agricultural commun- ity, is divided into nineteen chapters, which deal with such points as the outlook, the selection of stock, selection and manage- ment of the boar and the sow, manage- ment of the weaned litter, housing, sun- shine, fresh air and exercise, soiling ,nd pasturing, porking, dairy pork, dentition, castration and spaying, ringing, curing-fac- tories, Irish experiments, useful rations mid appliances, cuts, weights, and measure- ments, diseases, &c. Altogether a well- written and practical guide to the profitable breeding and feeding of pigs and to the re- vival of an industry which has too long been neglected.

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