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DRESS OF THE DAY. A CHARMING AFTERNOON FROCK. Many of the most charming and effective of the new afternoon gowns prepared for winter wear are trimmed with fur of some kind or other. The beautiful and uncommon gown pictured in our sketch is an excellent example of the fashionable fur-trimmed frock, and is quite an ideal toilette for its purpose. The material in, which this desir- able dress is realised is a soft cashmere-de- soie of a very pretty shade of prune colour. The bodice is extremely simple in shape, but is none the less becoming and effective. The front is arranged in pinafore style, the edges of the pinafore, which come right to the top of each sleeve, by being finished by a narrow band of skunk. Just below the neck, the front of the bodice is cut out in a small square, the space being filled in by an inserted i( piece of satin, of exactly the same shade, which is covered by an all-over design worked out in satin rat-tail. Above the top PUB-TRIMMED GOWN FOR AFTERNOON WEAR. of the corsage, which comes almost to the base of the throat, appears a dainty chemisette and neckband of finely-tucked ivory ninon. The sleeves comes a little below the elbow, and are finished by bands of the skunk, above which show small cuffs of the embroidered satin. An embroidered buckle of satin ornaments the front of the satin waistband. The sleeves are cut in one with the side pieces of the corsage, the latter being ornamented by an inserted piece of the embroidered satin which comes up rather more than halfway between the waistband and armhole. The skirt is quite simple in shape, is gathered a little on each hip, and is cut long enough to rest slightly on the ground all round. A band of the skunk, above which appears a band of the em- broidered satin, finishes the top of the very wide hem. FASHIONABLE FURS. The new furs of this present winter of 1910 are unquestionably the very largest I ever remember seeing. Muffs and stoles are both immense, and, whatever may be their draw- backs, form an ample protection against the winter cold. The proportions of the fashion- able stole are truly astonishing, many of the newest examples being fully three yards long, and as much as five-cightlis, and even three-quarters, of a yard wide. The muff is proportionate in size, and will comfortably ho'd both arms when plunged in right to the elbow. Nearly all the smartest models arc carried out in two furs. For instance, a stole of caracul will be edged all round by a border of skunk, the caracul muff being edged with &kiuik to maicii. Or a sioie of seal-dyed musquash will show a border of chinchilla, or, possibly, of ermine, the muff corresponding exactly. Ermine, by the way, is very much used as a bordering fur this year, its rich, ivory whiteness telling admir- ably against a background of dark fur. All the new stoles and muffs, however, of what- ever fur they made be made, have one point in common, they are as pliable and supple as it is possible for fur to be, and are as flat and free from bulk as the furrier can make them. A STYLISH BLOUSE IN SATIN CHARMEUSE. There is no time of the year when pretty clothes are so much in demand as at Christ- mas-tide, and the average woman who de- lights in shop-gazing knows how very tempt- ing the West-End windows are at this seasom. Bewildering visions of silk and lace meet her gaze, and gorgeous creations of exquisite embroidery make her envious and full of wistful longing. Yet, as a rule, these tempting party blouses are so high priced as DAINTY WEAR FOR AN AFTERNOON PARTY. to be beyond the means of the average woman, hence the design shown on our page are arranged to meet her needs just now. Stylish and uncommon, yet within the capa- bilities of the ordinary home worker, this blouse is worthy of attention at a time when Yuleti^e festivities begin to claim our thoughts, and party frocks have to be arranged for. The smart decollete blouse sketched in our illustration is carried out in a clever combi- nation of satin charmeuse, embroidered net, an,d ninon. The front, shaped in panel st, is fashioned of satin, the inner part of the panel being cut in a deep curve to within three or four inches of the waist, leaving straps of satin on the shoulders. Buttons covered with embroidered net are arranged in groups of three down this panel. A band of embroidered net, edged with a piping of satin, is arranged across the front, then a pretty soft drapery of ninon is brought over the shoulder. The ninon sleeves are finished by a quaint turn-back cuff of the satin- strapped net. In ivory-white or black this would look very charming, whilst the front should be a dull gold net embroidered in bronze thread. The pattern will take ] yards of satin charmeuse, half yard em- broidered net, and two yards of ninon. CHRYSANTHEMUMS IN VOGUE. Chrysanthemums are much in vogue just now as a trimming for winter hats and toques, some of the very newest models re- cently showm by fashionable milliners being trimmed with really us examples of the manufacturer's art. Mauv of these chry- santhemums are so wonderfully like the natural flower that they are almost impos- sible of detection at even a short distance. The majority of the more expensive blooms are carried in velvet, which is dyed and shaded to an almost perfect imitation of the living flower. These velvet chrysanthemums look their very best, perhaps, whem allied with some rich, dark fur, such as skunk, sealskin, sable, etc., though they are also wonderfully effective upon a background of black satin or velvet.

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