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IRydal Mount School, Colwyn…


Rydal Mount School, Colwyn Bay. SPEECH DAY CELEBRATIONS. The annual distribution of the school prizes in connection with Rydal Mount School, Colwyn Bay, took place in the Hall on Friday evening, when there was a large company present. Mr. j. L. Barker. Bowdon presided, and he was supported by the Rev. John Horna- brcok, President of the Wesleyan Confer- ence and President of the Governors of the School, the Governors, and the Headmaster (Mr. G. F. A. Osborn, M.A.). A new feature in the hall since the last prize distribution took place is the erection of a beautiful organ and gallery, which has been placed there as a memorial to the late Mr. James Deaville, who laboured for nineteen years in the school. The proceedings were opened by the Rev. F. J. Briggs offering prayer, after which the school choir, under the conductorship of Dr. Roland Rogers, sang Whitfield's anthem I will lift up mine eyes." The Chairman said they were glad to see amongst them and to welcome the President of the Wesleyan Conference, and also the President of the Governors, the Rev. John Ilornabrook. At the gathering there were memories of the past, when they remember- ed that their oLd friend, Mr. Osborn the founder of that school, had passed away. His eulogies had been uttered at the time of his death, but he would say that his memory would long linger in that school, and all over England, the Colonies, and America. His influence could be seen in their families, and they rejoiced that their children had been under the educational care of Mr. Osborn. (Hear, hear.) They were there under new management, and no doubt Mr. Osborn had received valuable hints from his father regarding the school. Tiie Governors were hopeful of the future, and there was every prospect that the suc- cess of Rydal Mount would be maintained. (Applause.) The Choir sung the unison songs, The Fighting Temeraire and "The Arethusa" in pleasing manner. THE HEADMASTER'S REPORT. Mr. G. F. A. Osborn, M.A., said he re- joiced to see so many friends present, and he hoped it was a good omen of success in the future. He wished to thank the Chair- man sincerely for the kind manner in which he had referred to his appointment. He was pleased to say that the health of the school was good, and the discipline more than satisfactory. Since the last prize dis. tribution they had opened the organ which was used that day as a memorial to Mr. Deaville, who had laboured for nineteen years in that school. Daily services were held in that hall, and proved very bene- ficial. He was indebted to the staff, who had given him wholehearted co-operation under trying circumstances, and he was very grateful for the devotion shown in that respect. (Applause.) He must particularly mention Dr. Roland Rogers, who had been with them now twenty-five years. (Ap- plause.) The cordiality of the applause from the boys proved how popular the headmaster is. THE PRIZE LIST. FORM PRIZES. III.—M. Humphrey. L. IN'C. Parkinson. IV.—P. L. Wood. IV. c.—H. H. Bracewell. Remove.—C. F. Turner. L. V.—A. C. Capper. V.—G. H. Porter. SCHOOL PRIZES. Classics.—G. H. Porter, A. Little. Mathematics.—H. C. Oliver. Arithmetic.—A. H. C. Sykes. French.—G. A. Potts, C" Parkinson. German.—Wr. A. Macfadyen. '\atural Science.—P. P. Smith. English.—E. W. Robson, A. C. Capoer. General improve, nert an 1 diligence.—G. B. Cowpe. Drawing.—F. Sadler. Music.—P. 1.. Wood. General information.—F. Sadler. Higher certiiicate.-D. \\ïtty. HONOURS LIST. University of Cambridge: Historical Tri- pos—Class II., J. Wood. Natural science tripos—Class III., F. G. Wood, I-I. V. Deakin. Economics Tripos—Class III., A. N. Henwood. Downing College-first class in annual examination and renewal of scholarship, E. J. Selby. Previous examina- tion, Franklin Wood, J. Leale, H. E. Clif- ton. Trinity College—entrance examination, H. E. Clifton. University of London Matriculation ex- amination—F. C. Happold, E. W. Robson. University of Liverpool: B.Sc., X. G. Coppin. Oxford and Cambridge. Joint Board: Higher certificate-D. Wittv (distinction in geology). Lower certificate-IV. A. Macfadven, G. H. Porter, C. I. Slack, A. II. C. Sykes, X. O. Vinter. eniversitv of Oxford:—Local examina- tions: Senior—I.—A. C. Capper, F. Sadler, P. P. Smith, T. E. Waddingham. Junior— I.—E. R. Hayward, A. Little, K. J. Shellev, H. I.. Shillcock, C. F. Turner. II.—H. Bracewell, W7. Jackson, L. S. Harrison. Preliminary— I— G. W. Dean, 1. Edwards, J. R. Moulsdale, G. N. Smith, T. E. Was- sell. IT.-C. Parkinson. M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. A. W. Bourne. A.M.I.C.E. B. H. Bavliss. P.A.S.I. H. E. Turner". Institute of Auctioneers Intermediate ex- amination—H. E. Turner. M.P. for Morley. G. A. France. THE PRESIDENTS ADDRESS. The Rev. John Ilornabrook, who was cordially received, said he was grateful for the honour conferred upon him by being asked to present the prizes on that occasion. However, he felt he would have been more at home in addressing the Wesleyan Con- ference. The speaker referred in a humor- ous manner to his school days, and said that whilst at school he had learnt something that was not in the school curriculum, and that was that an address by a distinguished visitor was not an important item. (Laugh- ter and applause.) He must congratulate the boys on being associated with that famous school. He used the words advised- ly, for it was founded by one of the greatest schoolmasters of modern times. {Loud ap- plause.) The school had a fine record, and in his travels he had met and heard of old Rydalians filling positions in the life of the Church and the State. (Applause.) There were many associations gathered round it. He knew the late Mr. Osborn many years before he came to Rydal Mount, and he was a man that fostered a type of education with very lofty ideals. (Hear, hear.) No man had sounder views on education, and it was one of the great mysteries of Divine Pro- vidence that he should be taken away from them. He rejoiced, and the Governors re- joiced, that Mr. Osborn was succeeded bv his son. (Loud applause.) The applause from the boys' quarter showed that the Governors had made a wise selection. Mr. George Osborn came from a good stock and had inherited the good qualities of his father. He asked for their sympathy towards Mr. Osborn, for he had undertaken the mastership of the school at a crisis, and it was a very difficult task. The Govern- ing Body had every confidence in the new regime. As an educational institution the late Mr. Osborn had always placed the im- portance of character as supreme. Character was more than achievements. It was all very well to overcome abstruse problems, but that could not be compared to good character. It was said that we lived by an invisible flame, and someone had said that flame was character. {Hear, hear.) He did not want to preach to the boys, for he re- membered how he discouraged that when he was a boy. (Laughter.) He would, how- ever, ask the boys not to neglect the cultiva- tion of their moral sense. The boys had the making of character in their own hands. Coming from a virtuous stock as they (the boys) did, he knew they would keep that in mind, and turn their present advantages to the best account. They should carry into life the ideals which they had formed and cherished at Ryidal Mount. Let them al- cherished at Rydal Mount. Let them al- ways remember to acquire self-reliance, self- mastery, and self-respect. (Loud applause.) The prizes were afterwards delivered by Mr. Ilornabrook, amidst a continuous storm of applause from the boys and cheering words to each winner from the President. Mr. C. Francis Keeble, sang To Julia," To Daisies," and The Night Piece," and the choir sang Scotch, Irish, and Welsh part songs. Mr. W. P. Workman, Principal of West- minster Training College, proposed a vote of thanks to the President (Rev. John Horna- brook) and to the Chairman. Mr. C. N. Wright, Wolverhampton, seconded, and Mr. Sutclifie, Bacup, supported, and it was carried with much cheering. After the singing of the Rydal Song," and the National Anthem, ringing cheers were given for the principals in the after- noon's event. The following accepted invitatioiis:- Mr. and Mrs. Bevan, Mrs. and Miss Bostock, Mr. and Miss Bradburn, Miss Helen Barlow, Miss Bell Mr. and Mrs. Brock, Dr. and Mrs. Barrett, The Misses Bradbury, Rev. F. J. and Mrs. Briggs, Miss Brigss, Dr. Lilian Blake, Mrs. Crosfield, Mr. and Mrs. Chettle, Mr. and Mrs. Davies, The Misses Everett, Rev. T. E. and Mrs. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Guest, Mr. and Mrs. Harding, The Misses Hovev, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. and Miss Harrop, Mrs. Hewitt, Dr. and Mrs. Huff-Hewitt, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Jones. Miss Amy Jones. Mr. William Jones, Mr. and Mrs." Kettlewell, Mr. N. Kettlewell, Mrs. Little, Dr. and Mrs. Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Lumlev, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. Linekar, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mitchell, Mrs. and Miss Morris, Mrs. Nunn, Dr. and 1rs H. Nuttall, Mrs. Nuttal, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Plows, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Phillips, Miss Coy, Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Sewell, The Misses Sugden. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sutcliffe, The Misses Tavlor. Miss Whitehouse, Mr. and Mrs. S. Wood, Rev. H. and Mrs. Waterworth, Dr. and Mrs. Wilkes. Mr. J. L Barker, Mr. C. W. Ashcroft. Mr. W. hayliss, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Wright, Mr. F. G. Simpson, Mr. J. V. Early, Mr. W. Lancaster, Rev. J. S. Ilaworth, Mr. W. P. Workman. Mr. A. F. Sutciffe, Mr. W. II. Smith. Mr. T. C. Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Bracewell. Mr. and Mrs. Sykes, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Porter, Miss Dudgeon, Mrs. Wood (Southport), Mr. and Mrs. Williams (Barnsley), Mr. and Mrs. Moulsdale, Mr. and Mrs" Chorlton, Mr. A. J. Potts, Mrs. Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Shelley, Mr. and Mrs. Malkin, Mr. W. M. Edge, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Gunton, and Mrs. Morgan.

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