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Astrology. UCCESS BY ASTROLOGY.-k'ree Copy. S Marriage Partner described, Business, Tra- vels, Money Prospects. Two Years' Free Guide —Address: Prof. C. Von De Zaar, Forest Mansion, Haarlem, Holland. Postage, 2 d. post cards, id. 611 ni8 Medical Remedies. bbt\EsA>\0 of world-wide tamed. the U quick cure for Wounds and Sores in all animals, or domestic use, prevents and cures tender feet. Satisfaction guaranteed. Tin is. post free -Cowan. Co., Colchester. 6ioa I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL. I WAS a martyr to Rheumatism and Gout for years. Having been positively cured by a simple and inexpensive remedy, I will be happy to communicate particulars of same to any sufferer on receipt of an addressed envelope. Apply to J. Daubney, Esq., Spring Cottage, Ramsdell, Basingstoke. 58Qnii ERFECT Remedy for Men; cures in few hours; Santal capsules and stomach medicines useless. Satisfaction guaranteed or money returned. Particulars free.—C. Field, 133, Balmoral-road, Gilling- ham, Kent. 570012 TTHE UMATISM~S P E EDILJY~CURE D — Mr. John Epps, Seiby Park, Birming- ham, \ery strongly recommends Wonderful Rheuii^atism Cure. FREE information for addressed envelopes. A566 D2 TTENTION LADIES I P.O. i/i so- A cures Secret worth Pounds. Don't miss. Hundreds delighted.—Address, II., 22, Kingston-terrace, Coventry-road, Bir- mingham. URGICAL A PPL IAN CES, best value. Write for list, mentioning paper.— Wilton's, 30, Webb's-road, London, S.W. (T iT»7~r>! I-;KI-:K TRIAL' OF VJ I v i i >3. SPIDER —the in- fallible Corn Remover. Cures Corns, Bunvons, Hoofy-Skin, N'iirts.-Staiiiped ad- dressed envelope to The Alcema. Drug Co., De.pt. 15, Harrogate. 41 Sa..ri17 -ÜoÖ (. of Invaluable information and f Recipes for either sex, free; state ag,e.-Iligson, Box 81, N. Church-street, Nottingharn. I L Sufferers frcm Tapeworm quickly re- lieved. Particulars free—Higson, Box 80, N. Church-street, Nottingham. 144a ADTES.—improved remedies act in a few hours, when all else fails. Sur- prisingly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped envelope for free sample.—Ad- dress, Nurse Hammond, 21, Ingledene, Bos- co m be road, S outhe nd, Essex. 109a I MPORTANT TO MOTIIERS.-Every 1 Mother who values the health and cleanliness of her child should use Harri- son's Reliable Nursery Pomade. One applica- tion kills all nits and vermin, beautifies and strengthens the hair. In tins, 4!d. and gd., postage id.—Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Llandudno, J. Winter; Deganwy, H. Rogers Jones; Col- wyn Bay, J. W. Adamson; Penmaenmawr, T. J. Hughes Conway, Llewelyn Jones; Lianfairfechan, W. G. Roberts. All Chem- ists. 82a C±A PAGE BOOK ABOUT HERBS 0*+ AND HOW TO USE THEM. Post free. Send for one.-Trimn,-Il, The Herbal- ist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Estab- lished 1879. C-1 HEUMATISM, Gout, Lumbago, Sci- atica, Neuralgia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pleurisy, Sore Throat, Earache, Toothache, Nerve Troubles, Sprains, Cramps, &c., &c., Instantly Relieved, Speedily cured by using PEARSE'S LINIMENT. Non-Poisonous. No Rubbing required. Price IiI!, 2/9, and 4/6 per bottle, at all chemists and stores.—Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers-. The C.C. LINIMENT CO., 115, Potter-street, Hull. Che north Wales Weekly Reus Ard series of 12 Popular Weekly Newspapers. I The Colwyn Bay Weekly News- The Conway Weekly News. The Penmaenmawr Weekly News. The Ltanfairfechan Weekly News, The Bangor Weekly News, The Llandudno Weekly News. The Llanrwst Weekly News. The Bettws-y-Coed Weekly News. The Vale of Conway Weekly News. The Abergele Weekly News. The Vale of Clwyd Weekly News, The North Wales Weekly News (General Edition). SPECIAL NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Advertisements appear in the whole of the above New p C'ers at ONE INCLUSIVE CHARGE, and at a price u'" for insertion in one newspaper only. Scale of Charges will be forwarded on application. SPECIAL PREPAID ADVERTISING SCALE, For nUATIONS VACANT AND WANTED, ARTICLES FOR SALI APARTMENTS AND HOUSES To LET, MISCKLLANPOUS, &C. One Three Insertion. Insertions 12 Words 0,. 6d. is. od. 24 IS. od, 23. od. 36 is. 6J. 3s. o3. 48 1, oj. 4s. oj. 60 2" 6i. 51. ol, 72 3*. od. 6i. oi. 84 3*- 61. 7"' «*• 96 4s. ad. 8s. od. It booked, double these rates will be charged. RELIGIOUS SERVICES, &c. SPECIAL PREPAID SCALE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS RELATING TO RELIGIOUS SERVICES AND PREACHSRS, CHARITIES, ENTERTAINMENTS, &C. 1 week 2 weeks. 4 weeks. 80 Words Is. ad. ii a. 6d. 2s. 6d, 30 is. 6d. as. 6d. 4s. od. 4° as. od. 3s. 6d. 6s. od. 5° as. 6d. 4s. od. 7s. od. And 6d per insertion for every additional 10 Words, tlalt-penny stamps accepted in payment. of all sums undei 5" The charge for Births and Deaths is is. each. In Memorian Notices, as, 6d.; Marriages, as. 6d. An extra charge is maoe for booking. The announcements of Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenticated by the name and address of 'he sender Wednesday Mid-Day s post is the latest time for receiving Advertisements. Addr sa- Head OFFI £ FE R. E. JONES & BROS. (Proprietors), "The Weekly News" Office, Conway Telephones- No. 3i-Edic)rial and Publishing Offices, Station Road, Colwya Bav. No. 12-3, Rose Hill Street, Conway. No. iza-Priating Works, The Quay, Conway Telegra,, s-" Weeklv News," Conwav.








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