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- A Vale of Conway Arti&t.


The County School Question.

The Last Fruit of Summer

---.---Votes for Women.

---_._-I "Wait and See."


"Wait and See." GUARDIANS AND THE CHANCELLOR. The Holywell BoaTd of Guardians recent- ly wrote to the Chancellor of the Exchequer pointing out certain difficulties which would arise in providing for the extension of old- age pensions to paupers. A proportion of the pensions, equivalent to the amount of relief given in each case by the Guardians at present, will have to be met by Boards of Guardians. At Friday's meeting of the Board a re- ply was read from Mr. Lloyd George stat- ing that full particulars of the Government's proposals were given in his Budget speech of June 30th. With respect to future de- tails, futher information would be given wh-re necessary when the amending legisla- tion was placed before the House of Com- mons. The Chairman (Mr. J. Prince) What he has said he has said. What he intends to say—" wait and see." (Laughter.) The Clerk said this matter had been taken up by other boards of guardians after the discussion there, and several boards had written him on the subject. An answer would have to be given by the Chancellor of the Exchequer some day or other. Mr. Butters I propose that in the mean- time the Clerk goes and sees the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Talk to him in Welsh, and tell him what you think about it.

" The Passing of the Third…

-.-.:.. Mold Magistrate and…


Jack's Fortune.