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WELSH SENIOR CUP. RHYL v. LLANDUDNO AMATEURS. THE CORMORANTS AGAIN VICTORIOUS! (BY" VIGILANT.") All hail to the boys who compose the Llandudno Amateurs. Again, I say, all hail! You are doing well. Nothing suc- ceed.5 like success, l'he prophecies made re- garding you have so far been fulfilled. You have eleven good and true players, and your welcome when you return to your native heath-the Council Ground—will be one you will be proud of. Take my word for it, the Band will play" that day. So keep up your peckers" until then, and go on winning. You have surprised our good rivals on the Coast, and Llandudno Junction in particular. There is a pride-a very natural one-at the North Wales Crewe that the Rooks will be the first to take you down. Cigar bets have already been made, and I am head over heels in the swim. What say you, ye 'Chers? To beat practically two combination teams on their own patches, Bangor and Rhyl, on successive Saturdays is a unique performance for any club. Yet a unique 'performance for any club. Yet you did it handsomely. Do, yn wir, hogia bach! Llandudno! Llandudno!! Llan- dudno ydi'r goreu RHYL'S CONFIDENCE. With a team that included such exper- ienced and class players as Lappin, Frost, Harrison, Hornby and Bert Jones in the attacking force, and playing on their own ground, Rhyl never fancied, methinks, a de- feat. And when they had D. Hughes T Davies {grotesque looking player, but a good onel, and D. Birch, the defence appeared well. And then there was W. Williams and M. Parry in the rear division with Tellis Hughes in goal. The last-named was the weakest part of the Rhyl eleven. Llan- dudno played the same team as did so well at Bangor on the Saturday previous, with the exception that Stallard was back in his old place, and played the game of his life." Goody was brought with the team and en- joyed the outing. In Stallard and Goody Llandudno have, as it should be, two good custodians. The feeling which per- meates a combination eleven is that it is superior to a Coast League eleven was evi- dent in Rhyl, and Rhyl had to pay the penalty for it. Quite right. Llandudno 'Chers have proved this notion to be false, and as a further test of this, I understand the Llandudno Committee are endeavouring to get the Wrexham team down for this pur- pose. That, however, by the way. RHYL'S LACK OF "ENTHUSIASTICS." It was really depressing to note the low- water mark of enthusiasm in Belle Vue. The gate was miserably small. There was not to my hearing an encouraging shout for Rhyl to play up, and one missed the merry faces which one time used to embellish the stand. Football enthusiasm in Rhyl must be at zero point. And i was sorry to see it. On the other hand Llandudno had about 140 leather-hinged supporters, and it was ab- solutely" a fact that dear old Owen Jones was there, bubbling over, as many more were, with voluble expressions of admiration from a lazy legato to a double fortissimo! Bravo Now." We want more of your kidney in Llandudno. Keep it up Owen the zealot, and so say all of us. it < A GOAL-LESS HALF. Llandudno played against the breeze and up the slope in the first half, and were soon making their presence felt. Tellis was soon anxious, but good defence averted disaster. The Rhyl custodian had more work than Stallard, and I thought he was nervous and wanting in bottom rock confidence. No goals ^were scored in this half. At times tnere were sparkling movements by the Rhyl forwards, and they hashed several onportunities to score. It was marvellous how the players missed those chances. Still these "let-offs are all in the game, and one team s misfortune becomes the others goloen opportunity. There were some dainty moves by Tim Coleman now and again, and he showed a devotion for Johnny illiams that he gave him the ball on every possible occasion. If Rhyl had been un- lucky in not turning good chances to account, Llandudno had on one or two occasion the hardest of lines. A Rhvl leg seemed to be flourishing in defence just at the most critical moment. And so we had a goal-less half. Quality of football not great, but interesting. BOB DAVIES DOES THE TRICK! Playing down the slope with the breeze behind them the 'Chers made things hum for some time for the Sand Martins. And ere long Bob Davies scored. This was after Dan of Coleman fame had fallen in a dashing attempt to score, but put the ball to Bob's toe. Hilarous shouts rent the air, and handshaking was cordial—amongst the Llandudno section. Bravo, Bob—a true re- turn to form, laddie RHYL'S DESPERATE EFFORTS TO EQUALISE. There were some sparkling movements by Lappin and Frost betimes, and Bert Jones was a trier all the way. The play of the Rhyl forwards was more classy than Llan- dudno's. But class in a cup-tie, pretty as it is to behold, counts not in a cup-tie- The net with the ball got into it tells. Stallard made some good saves, and at the other end Teliis was lucky to see the ball sent by little Jim across the goalmouth, and one after another did the Llandudno forwards jtiiss trapping it. Dear me! how wonderful! Rhyl pressed near the end, but Llandudno kept the Sandmartins out. And so Llan- dudno qualified for the next round. Again I say, boys, ye did well. Jahonda de Moodah! Final:- Llandudno, 1 Rhyl, o-



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